You'll see, Pravesh. Thanksgiving is the most dangerous holiday of the year.


Sexy Thanksgiving is the perfect way to give thanks.


Bell: That is an intact turkey wishbone.
Mina: How do you swallow a wishbone whole? 

Bell: I have been the spine of this hospital for over a decade.
Logan: And amply demonstrated it's too much for one doctor. A top tier of surgeons is going to lead this hospital forward. I sincerely hope you can be one of them, Dr. Bell.

Devon: Who pushes someone through a plate glass window over a toy?
Irving: Delusional, selfish, narcissistic helicopter parents.

Are you kidding me? A purple man-bun?


AJ: The Austins celebrate our multicultural heritage by having my father's most revered dish, Peking Duck. It's a Chinese delicacy.
Marcus: Bruh you're not Chinese.
AJ: Genetically speaking, you're right, but culturally, my father raised me with a deep love of Chinese culture and tradition, so actually, I'm about as Chinese as any third-generation Asian kid with a black mom.

Hundley: What are you grateful for, Dr. Austin?
AJ:  A job where I'm in high demand and far away from family.

AJ: Hey, I'm grateful for you. 
Hundley: I'm grateful for you too.

Without surgery, today little man will not make it past Thanksgiving.


Is it a given that one Nevin will always screw up Thanksgiving?


Logan: Dr. Bell, you're doing the surgery now. 
Bell: Ask nicely.
Logan: Dr. Bell, please, will you do the surgery?
Bell: Of course.

The Resident Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

AJ: We're not quite at the place where you can criticize me.
Lamar: OK, criticize? It was advice.
 AJ: Advice is criticism in a cashmere sweater. You can keep both to yourself. Indefinitely. 

Sexy Thanksgiving is the perfect way to give thanks.