Conrad: Jessie died of a pulmonary embolism.
Nic: A complication from surgery.
Conrad: Five other patients at Chastain died of pulmonary embolisms in the past few weeks.

Devon: We're doctors. We save lives.
Conrad: We already saved Rob's life, now we make him a little bit uncomfortable to save another.

Bell: Why didn't you tell me you reconciled with your husband?
Grayson's Mom: It happened three weeks ago. Besides we're keeping things open.
Bell: Does he know that?

You're blaming the victim. You're a cop. Aren't you supposed to do the exact opposite?


Detective: If I can't be a cop, life's not worth living.
Conrad: Let's not go there.
Detective: What was your backup plan? If you couldn't be a doctor what was your backup plan?

Devon: How can I track her down?
Patient: Everybody dies of something.

Intern don't play!