Their hearts don't sound the same. They're identical, their hearts should be identical.


I don't know what I would do without your support.

Conrad [to Billie]

AJ: Odds.
Ian: There is an 80% chance that the smaller twin will die.
Devon: And the larger baby?
Ian: 50/50. If we don't do the procedure, both of them will die.

Conrad: He barely blinked. How did he do that?
Cade: I don't know.

AJ: OK, so I don't get it. Why didn't you tell him how you felt about him.
Billie: Maybe I did.
AJ: No, because if you did, he would be with you right now.
Billie: I doubt that. Kit and Bell's engagement party I had my speech prepared but Conrad left with Cade before I get a word out.
AJ: Ah, that's painful. You missed the moment.
Bille: But there's an upside... Conrad and I closer than we've ever been. We're best friends.
AJ: Ouch. My take, Conrad chose Cade thinking you weren't interested because you're Nic's best friend. He figured that was a line you wouldn't cross and you allowed him to think that because you would never cross it.
Billie: Now it's too late.
AJ: No. It's never too late to win the love of your life back.