Devon: It's too good to be true. There's something wrong here.
Priya: Then I'll dig deeper.

Conrad: Go on, ask me anything. I know you want to.
Nic: Why didn't you marry her?
Conrad: She left me after I punched my father at the rehearsal dinner.

Conrad: You're pregnant.
Catherine: Are you sure?
Conrad: I'm positive!

No one thinks about the effects on doctors when they have to watch their patients suffer.


I'm not a dog person, or a cat person, or a human person.


Conrad: Maybe now isn't a good time for them to open their checkbook.
Bell: It's not always about the money. I'll wait a few days.
Nic: A few days?
Conrad: He'll be back before lunch.

I think your father is not the only one with money and pride issues. I think it's you too. I think your anxious that your in-laws won't feel that you measure up.


Dear God, we almost had her committed. She could have died. What if she never forgives us?

Mrs. Ravenscroft

Schizophrenia is not curable, but this is. That's news any family would be grateful for.


She's schizophrenic. She needs to accept it. Please, don't fill her head with a bunch of a false hope.

Mrs. Ravenscroft

Do you not want us being here? Do you not want us meeting your colleagues?

Mr. Pravesh

Channing: I'm in the, uh, service business.
Irving: You're a gigolo?

The Resident Quotes

Conrad: Everything you thought you knew about medicine is wrong. All the rules you followed will break. I have only one rule, it covers everything. I'm never wrong. You do whatever the hell I tell you, no questions asked.
Devon: Do you want me to speak now?
Conrad: That's a question.

Bell: I'm Chief of Surgery, and it's the end of a 30-hour shift. What did you see?
Doctor: We're all on the same side here. Maybe he had a heart attack.