Who made the first cut, you or Conrad Hawkins?


You can tell Conrad Hawkins' dad I'm a little busy. He can wait indefinitely.


It's not the storm. Our problem has nothing to do with the electric grid. Chastain's under attack from cyber pirates.


Party people, it's time for you to get in touch with your not so secret love of the Sugar Hill Gang. Why? Because in less than 8 minutes we are not just going old school. We're going OG, baby.


Your inability to quell your concern for teacher man may distract you enough to make the slightest of mistakes. Not on my watch, princess.


I like storms. It's Earth's way of venting.


Patient's sister: I didn't know nurses do all that.
Nic: I'm a Nurse Practitioner. We do most things doctors do just with better bedside manner.

Irving: We're stuck between floors.
Jessica: I'm claustrophobic.
Irving; And you got on an elevator?
Jessica: My, my bathmophobia is worse.
Irving; I don't know what that is.
Jessica: It's a fear of stairs and ski slopes.

AJ: What to do, what to do ...
Mina: Don't be dramatic. You know what you're going to do.
AJ: Oh, look who put their big girl pants on today. Okafor, if we continue and Mabel doesn't survive, a coin toss at this point, are you willing to lay your head next to mine as Bell lowers the steel blade to the back of our beautiful, ebony necks?
Mina: Gladly.
AJ: Is anyone here more concerned with their career than saving Mabel's life? [Silence] Nurse whatshername, start the timer for 40 minutes.

Colleague: Mr. Bell, why is this happening?
Bell: It's Dr. Bell. I recommend thinking before you speak. If that's too much of a challenge, don't speak.

Mr. Toms, your wife brought these beautiful twins into this world together. It's my mission to reunite them in a few hours, and I am not in the losing mood. Rarely am I.


Board member [to Bell]: I want to introduce you to your new boss, Marshall Winthrop. I think you know each other.
Marshall: We crossed paths.

The Resident Quotes

AJ: We're not quite at the place where you can criticize me.
Lamar: OK, criticize? It was advice.
 AJ: Advice is criticism in a cashmere sweater. You can keep both to yourself. Indefinitely. 

Mr. Spiro was in respiratory distress. Pain medication needed to be withheld; this man is alive today because of Dr. Hawkins.