I remember a surgeon who took on the toughest surgeries in the sate of George. Who gave hope to people who had none. Who had no fear. He would have jumped at the chance.


Nic: Pack your bags, you're going to rehab.
Jessie: I'm not going anywhere.
Nic: Then get out. Get out. I'm done.

Eloise: Without the surgery, how long do I have?
Conrad: Not long, Eloise.

Conrad: Hey, she's very happy.
Nic: What's that supposed to mean?
Conrad: Opiates cause euphoria, is she being tested?

I made an investment in you. Earn it.


You can't tell me how to run my business. Who the hell do you think you are?


AJ: You need to pull all QuoVadis products now.
Bell: Because of one resident's science project?

Conrad: That's the problem right there. There's nothing for you to fix.
Nic: That's not fair.
Conrad: It's not about being fair, Nic. It's about being honest. I was a project for you.

Conrad: How about you and I stop dancing around the issue and just be honest with each other.
Nic: What do you want me to say?
Conrad: That we find ourselves in different places.

See when Dr. Okafor believes in something, or in this case someone, she will swim through a lake of fire and brimstone to reach her objective.


I'm here because I want you to explain why you vouched for Quovadis.


Bradley was not your fault.


The Resident Quotes

Why reach one person at a time for the rest of your career when you can reach them through that?

Dr. Pierce

Conrad: Say something!
Cain: What do you want me to say?