Kit Voss gave me a second chance. When someone does that, I believe you owe them everything.


Be proud. Just like I am that you're my resident.


Jessica: You guys must have a name picked by now. Will you tell us, please?
Nic: Georgianna Grace Hawkins.
Conrad: Name after both of our moms.
Nic: Little Gigi.

Cain may have healed, but he hasn't changed. Asking him to care about anyone other than Cain is like asking a snake to catch a baseball. The man can't be trusted. You of all people should know that, Kit.


Conrad: How much does a sickle cell cure gonna cost now? One million per patient? Two?
Phillip: With all due respect Dr. Hawkins, the profit margin is not evil, OK. It got us safe and effective COVID vaccines, and now it's gong to help a lot of people with sickle cell anemia.
Conrad: But rich ones!
Phillip: Rose is cured. That's a win, right? I'm very sorry you're not happy for me. Personally, I'm very happy for her, and for Chastain.

Dad, I tried to take what happened to you and turn it into something beautiful. I wanted to make you proud.


Conrad: She's beautiful, like her mom.
Nic: Welcome to the world baby girl.

AJ: I tested you for months, right? Backtalking, isolating, locking myself in my room, but you never gave up on me. Everybody else just up and left, but you, you never did.
Carol: AJ, Mina didn't want to leave. She had no choice. Her Visa was expired.
AJ: This isn't about Mina, Mom, this is strictly about you. Nigeria is her home now, and as far as I'm concerned, my home is always with you.

Leela: So will you be godfather or unoffical uncle?
Devon: Either would be great.

I'm going to be a good grandpa. I'm going to be a great grandpa. I'm going to make up for all the times I let you down.


Kyle: I told you, she likes me more than home.
Marshall: Jus wait until you see your stock portfolio.

AJ: You never answered any of my calls. How did you know to come to the OR.
Cain: There's only one thing you would be calling me for, so I came to help.
AJ: Thank you.
Cain: It's what we do.
AJ: You know, I though that we couldn't work under the same roof. I was wrong.
Cain: I have an offer at John Hawkins. I may stay here, I may not, I don't know. I have a decision to make.

The Resident Season 4 Quotes

Devon: How you feeling? Any jitters?
Conrad: No, I'm as happy as I've ever been. I'm marrying my soulmate.

Conrad: Slightly different guy than that jerk you met your first day of residency. 
Devon: You were just doing your job the wrong way.
Conrad: I must've done something the right way. You turned into a damn fine doctor.
Devon: Yeah, well. It hasn't always felt that way. 
Conrad: When all hell breaks loose, you find out what people are made of. You excelled.
Devon: That's very kind of you, but let's stick to you.