John: It matters how people see us, guys! It matters what we do! The example we set, and not just for the country, by the way. Your own children are looking at you. You're husbands and fathers, all of you. Just show some self control!
Alan: For God sakes! We wouldn't be the pilots that we are today if we didn't have control! But do we have appetites? Yeah. I'm a human being, and I'm going to die one day. We all are. We are test pilots, and we get that fact; we stare it in the face for a living!
John: You're damned right you're gonna die. What I want to know is how you're gonna be remembered.
Alan: I don't care!
John: Look, all I'm trying to do, guys, all I am ever trying to do is help this group.
Alan: You're lookin' out for John Glenn. That's all you ever do.

I'm not on a solo mission. I want to build a female astronaut core, and I want you to be a part of it.


The news is a first draft of history, isn't that what they say?


Think about that last draft of history, you know, the one that never gets rewritten. Think about what you want that to say.


A toast to the brave men of Convair. May their courage serve as an example to all of us simple-minded pilots.


Chris: Have you made a decision?
Bob: I have.
Chris: So, who is it?

Trudy, I didn't get you back so I could go to space. It's the other way around. The first thing I thought when I got that call from NASA was that maybe, just maybe this might get me one last shot with you. So yes, I love you.


Bobby, listen. Let's say your bother gets the nomination. Does he want to win Ohio in the poll?


Alan: It's good to have a routine. It helps organize your day. It's even better if it makes you think of something important.
Judith: How long am I going to stay here?
Alan: This is your home now, Martha. You're going to stay here for good.
Judith: Then, I don't want you to call me Martha. I want to choose my own name.
Alan: Oh yeah? What'd you have in mind>
Judith: Alan.
Alan: Alan. A girl named Alan. Might get you into some trouble down the road. [he chuckles] How about Alice? Yeah? [they shake hands] Good to meet you, Alice. [she launches herself into his arms]

Alan: Smells good in here! Where's Judith?
Lou: Martha. We've decided to call her Martha.
Alan: We're, uh, changing her name?
Lou: Judith is too close to Julie.
Julie: It'd be too confusing.
Alan: Huh.

Mr. Shepard: I thought that was pretty funny, too, until my dad told me that I would be sleeping in the barn until that cow came down. [laughs] I had to bribe half the kids in the village to come help me lower her down by rope!
Alan: You could've just pushed her out the window; you would have had steaks for a year.
Mr. Shepard: Now that is a Navy Man's solution if I ever heard it. Taking the easy way out. It's kind of like if a little girl's name is inconvenient, you just change it [snaps his fingers]. What do you think about that ... Martha? Do you like that name? Did you pick it?
Lou: Let's talk abut something else.
Mr. Shepard: No. I want to hear her opinion, cause I'm guessin' no one else has asked.
Lou: You're making her uncomfortable.
Mr. Shepard: Oh. [takes a bite and reaches over to Judith, grabbing her arm and smashing her elbow on the table]. Mind your elbows.
Alan: [clears his throat] This is my house, Dad. I'll handle the discipline.
Mr. Shepard: Huh. It doesn't seem to me like you're handling much of anything. There's no flag on the pole out front. Couldn't help but notice that.

Trudy: Getting banged at lunchtime for a few months doesn't make you his damned soulmate.
Arlene: You were a great trophy for him, but that's all you should have ever been, pilot. It's hard enough having one of those in the house. I oughta know. But you never wanted to support Gordo, you wanted to be him. That's not what a man needs in a wife.
Trudy: You think every man needs the same thing.
Arlene: I'm not talking about every man.

The Right Stuff Quotes

Every school kid is going to know the name of the first man in space. His face is going to be everywhere. He'll never be forgotten. That's not glory; that's history.


I asked for the a list of the best test pilots in the United States. Well, son, your list is out of date. None of the best test pilots are dead. What we're doing here has consequences for the entire world. If Russia gets a man into space first, we could lose the cold war, and we don't have any time for do-overs.