He knew what he was doing out here. That he'd be inviting in ... darkness. He wouldn't ever risk exposing you or Tess to that. But me? He could risk me.


Lincoln: If she can take my mom, she can give her back.
Lena: How do we do that?
Lincoln: We give her what she really wants.

Tess: What do you want from us?!
Doll: Mommmmmmmy

There's a whole world of things out there that I never knew. That are just terrifying. But you knew. Maybe you were just trying to protect me all that time. I'm here for you. If you're still out there. If there's a chance you're still alive...


I could feel him. Alive. Mr. Emmet is alive.


Lincoln: AJ! You ok?
AJ: Hahahaha! You're covered in bat sh*t!

I've been dying to cut this rats nest since we've been on the boat.


Listen, you all think you're tired? I'm the one who has to walk double to retrieve cameras when you're on you walk breaks. I'm the one who has to lug 40 kilos of camera gear!


If the Morcego are judging us, we are failing.


Clark: What do you think happened?
Lincoln: I think he went missing, life was a storm and you both needed a port. That about right?
Clark: Yeah, sure. That's what you want to believe, have at it.

The crew will never find Cole or the source. They'll be dead in days. I need an extraction.


There is magic out there!