I'm just like tired of being a mother and everything that comes along with it, including marriage. I feel like being selfish.


If you want me to hear what Adrian said then you're gonna have to say it to me yourself. This is it Amy, you're in or you're out


Can you believe that after four years, you and I are still huddled together talking about Amy and Ricky?


If Amy Juergens doesn't marry me, it's gonna take a lifetime to get over it. And I'll just be satisfied being the best dad I can be.


Maybe you should go get some help and stop hurting people around you. And then maybe somebody can love you.


No one hurt me, k? No one hurts me, ever.


All I do is provide opportunity. What people do with that opportunity is totally up to them.


You've got one foot in the relationship and one foot out.

Omar [to Adrian]

I don't know if you realize, but summer school starts the same day band camp started 4 years ago.

Ricky [to Amy]

Don't make me feel like a bad person just because I don't wanna be obligated to some guy right out of high school.


I'm just getting out of high school, I'm getting married, going to college, that's a lot as it is...maybe too much.


I'm going to give Ricky what he want, we're getting married. But I wanna give mewhat I want and I wanna go to school in New York


The Secret Life Quotes

I'm proud of you, I'm proud of you both.

George [to Amy and Ricky]

You cannot date your sister's... IMPREGNATOR!!!