You can't turn straight into gay anymore than you can turn a witch into a warlock.


Speaking from experience, do not marry someone you're not madly in love with.


Maybe that's how it was in the olden times, but I'm not gonna settle. I want what I want.


Why don't you get a dorm room and be like a normal person for a change.

Chloe [to Ben]

It's my mother's wedding band, it means a lot to her...even if it means nothing to you.


If I'm just your live in girlfriend trying to get into college while you have this big important job then I don't think you're gonna be so proud of me. And I'm not gonna be so proud of me.


I don't wanna make her. I want her to want to stay her and I want her to want to get married.


You've been good to Amy, well except for getting her pregnant.

George [to Ricky]

Adrian: How did we get more interested in guys than ourselves.
Grace: Sex?

I told Ricky not to marry Amy and now I feel guilty living with Amy's dad in Amy's mother's house for free.


Your dream was gone when I met you.

Ben [to Amy]

If you were really in love with Ricky and cared what he thought, you wouldn't even consider coming to school here in New York.


The Secret Life Quotes

I'm proud of you, I'm proud of you both.

George [to Amy and Ricky]

You cannot date your sister's... IMPREGNATOR!!!