I love Ricky. I'm just afraid of failing. I'm afraid of our marriage failing or of him leaving me, or even worse, that I'll leave him and then I'll regret it for the rest of my life.


Ricky: Hey, if you can make a man out of me, you can make a dress out of that pile of rags.
Amy: I didn't make a man out of you, you did.

That's exactly what she did. She did the right thing and now she's stuck.


Amy: Why would you think I'm going to back out of the wedding now?
Ricky: Because you bought that dress.

Amy: She was world famous at one time.
Ricky: And then she made that dress?

Kathy: It's a new year, and they want me to get off the right start; go back to where I was before I got pregnant. Impossible.
Amy: Well, maybe you can at least go back to where you left off a little wiser.

You just never know when the last time you're gonna talk to someone is gonna be the last time you're gonna talk to someone.


The power of suggestion is really strong.


If there's nothing wrong with what you're doing then there's no need to sneak around.


Friends are more important than anything else, so I'm sorry if I came between you and yours.

Dylan [to Ben]

There's no fairytale ending to being a teen mom.


Have a second wedding but just know that I'll be at the back of the church and if you decide to run, I'll be waiting for you.

Ben [to Amy]