You come back now, Stu. You come back, Frannie. M O O N.


Frannie: The wheel turns, the struggle continues, the command is always the same.
Stu: What command is that?
Frannie: Be true. Stand.

These fine folks, they weren't even touched by the superflu. Ironic, don't you think?


Flagg: And I might want to take a little peek through your eyes from time to time, just to see how things are going.
Frannie: You want to possess me? Is that it? Like you did Harold and Nadine?
Flagg: That is what my old friend, Dr. Freud, would call an hysterical exaggeration.

My name is Russell Faraday. Worship me.


Lloyd, cancel the nursery.


First we drown the rats, then we burn the witch, rid ourselves of this infection for good!


Lloyd? You're the bailiff? I thought you were the prosecutor!


My God. You people are terrified of him. Is that all he has over you is fear? Is that it?


Lloyd: I really shot the hell out of that goddamn loud mouth, didn't I?
Rat Woman: Yeah, Lloyd. You didn't miss.
Lloyd: I keep seeing his face in my head. Every time I blink my eyes, I see that goddamned look he gave me right before he saw the light.
Rat Woman: Are you crying?
Lloyd: No! [crumples in her lap crying]

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Glen: I really need to understand this, Lloyd. What are you all so afraid of?
Lloyd: He can fly and fuckin' like, ate a dude last week. What are you talkin' about?
Glen: Well, if he flies, if he can do all that, then why does he need all this?

Larry: Tell me again why we're allowed to pick up food but not weapons.
Stu: Same reason we're allowed to pick up backpacks.
Glen: The power is not in the book, it's in the interpretation.

The Stand Quotes

As far as we can tell, everyone who comes in contact with this thing gets infected. Everyone but you, and we need to find out why.


Jim: Ralph Hodges and you, you were the only ones who made physical contact with Campion, right?
Stu: Are you telling me they're all dead?
Jim: I am.