There was a game we played when we were children on a sand pit on one of the back roads. Well, a lot of the other kids played, but I just watched. I was too afraid. They jumped from the top of the pit and rolled over and over, laughing their heads off. I never could get my legs to do it, though. To jump. Everyone kept calling me a pansy, and I kept going back to prove myself, but I never did it. I wonder if just once, I could could have convinced myself to do it, that I wouldn't have ended up here. Well, fuck all those bullying assholes, and fuck me for letting myself turn into something even worse. I apologize for the destructive things I've done, but I do not deny that I did them of my own free will. The Dark Man is real. I let myself be misled. I sign this, my final word, by a name given to me in Boulder. I couldn't accept it then, but I take it now freely. Hawk.


He's going to give me a woman who makes you look like a potato sack. And you? You get him. Happy days, right? If I were wearing your Hush Puppies, I'd be shaking in them plenty.


Nadine: So tell me. How badly does this fuck us?
Harold: Completely. Sideways, in fact.

Mother Abigail: Get thee behind me, Satan
Flagg: That's not my name, you know.
Mother Abigail: I know. You got many names.
Flagg: I do, indeed. My name is Legion, for we are many.

You know, sleep is actually more important for your health than food, and yet there are still some things worth losing it over.


Harold: It's possible that there are some things he's not telling you, either.
Nadine: No. He tells me everything. He needs me.

This place? You could be anything you want to be. It's just a question of motivation.


Lloyd: Dayna with a y! Come get some, sweet buns.
Julie: Where's my bitch?

So, when do we get to meet the man upstairs?


Mother Abigail: You know, I've noticed how well you and Joe get along. You're not blood. You take really nice care of the boy.
Nadine: It's not like I had a choice.
Mother Abigail: No, you had a choice. You had a choice. You chose to keep him safe. You had a choice, and you chose to keep him comfortable. We all have choice until we don't.

Frannie: People are really afraid, baby. They need to be reassured.
Stu: What's so reassuring about me?
Frannie: Plus, people love an accent.

I know it must be very frustrating to wait for his will to tell us what to do, especially since I can't tell you what his will is, which is why I insist that we take no action. There's just too many unknowns out there. Do you understand?

Mother Abigail

The Stand Quotes

As far as we can tell, everyone who comes in contact with this thing gets infected. Everyone but you, and we need to find out why.


Jim: Ralph Hodges and you, you were the only ones who made physical contact with Campion, right?
Stu: Are you telling me they're all dead?
Jim: I am.