Eichhorst: Were it up to me, I would suck you dry and snap your neck denying you one final time. But do you know that the Master has a plan for you? Yes, he wants you to turn. To bear witness to that which you have been fighting against for so long.
Setrakian: Never. I will release you, Eichhorst, to die like the soulless appendage you are.

Setrakian: Mr. Fet, there is something I neglected to tell you. I'm not giving this book to the Ancients.
Fet: Okay, so we're ripping off one gang of immortal munchers and we're looking to throw down against another?
Setrakian: That is an accurate assessment.

Setrakian: The Ancients will destroy this book, rather than allow its secrets to be revealed. And when they do, they will destroy the one item in this world the Master desires.
Quinlan: But as long as this book exists...
Setrakian: It is bait. You want the Master? He will come for whoever possesses it. That I guarantee you.

Eichhorst: You humiliated me at the auction. You cost us the Lumen. But the most grievous crime was betraying the Master.
Palmer: Please, it's Setrakian. My security team can have the book back in our hands before he's translated the title page. But only if you and your master pay me the respect I deserve.
Eichhorst: How dare you?

Eichhorst: Abraham, how ironic that our duel shall end not with a fight, but with a simple transaction in gold.
Setrakian: I assure you Eichhorst, our duel shall end with a transaction in silver.

Today you fight for one tribe; humankind. It no longer matters what color you wear. What color your skin is. All that matters, is the color of your blood. Red versus white.


Coco: You need to make them respect you Eldritch. They can't succeed without you.
Palmer: They seem very certain that they can.
Coco: Remind them that they can't. You don't need to die, and we never have to lose what we have. Ever.
Palmer: Ever.

Nora: Nice to meet you. I hope you didn't mind my questions.
Eh: Your boss, Garry Lazar, told me to watch out for you. He said you were brilliant, but you were likely to challenge all my assumptions.
Nora: Gary said that?
Eh: He said you were the most brilliant biochemist in the entire CDC. How’d you like to work for me?

Hector: So if we fight for this guy of yours, this Quinlan, he could supply us with more of this shit?
Gus: Everything we need.
Hector: Why we gotta take orders from him?
Gus: Because he knows how to win against these things.

Jim: You know what? You two look great together.
Nora: I’ll call Sylvia.
Eph: Thanks.
Jim: I was wrong Eph.
Eph: What about?
Jim: About Nora. Man, if she makes you happy go for it. Everyone deserves to be happy, even you.

Quinlan: The gold will not be an issue, but they will be reluctant to trust you with the power of the Lumen. You could use it against them.
Setrakian: True, but the ancients must now decide who is the greater threat; an old pawnbroker with a few confederates or the Master backed by Palmer and his billions. One thing is certain, if the Master obtains the book he will destroy us all.

The Master saved your life Eldrtich, as well as hers. Do you not remember this? If you do not provide the funds for the Lumen, you will never get another drop of the white. Oh you thought its effects are permanent. Sorry to disappoint you, if you don’t get more soon you shall wither and die.


The Strain Quotes

Love is going to guide them all back. To their homes. To their loved ones.


He's back. I don't know if I have the strength to do it all over again.