Dr. Stanley: Fine. Go with the girl. And don't forget to invite us all to the wedding.
Dr. Goodsir: Has anyone ever invited you to a wedding, Dr. Stanley?

Keep your pity because you're going to need all your pity for what's coming.

Francis (to Fitzjames)

All of us in this room know that John was not your first choice to lead this expedition. Nor was he your second or even your third. We all know John. He's as wonderful as he is fallible.

Lady Jane

Why are you here, Francis? You've never believed in this cause.


Not a man. Not a bear. Then, what?


I will not tolerate hysteria.


Cornelius: I don't believe it is an animal we battle.
Francis: Yes, Mr. Hickey, we know.

Shooting a man is a lot more fun when you mean to do it.


We may lose all our men. That is why my alarm bell is ringing. I am at a loss why yours is not.


You are suggesting it because you are a man who's happiest with a glass of Knock Me Down in one hand and then an alarm bell in another.

Sir John

Funny to think of this place as home, isn't it?

Sir John

I've seen him, Mr. Johnston, in service. I've watched him pray. That's a man afraid of chaos. He's not going to invite more if he can help it.

Cornelius Hickey

The Terror Season 1 Quotes

Don't fear it, David, I have been there when souls have passed. A great peace descends.

Dr. Goodsir

There is nothing worse than a man who's lost his joy.

James Fitzjames