I suppose everything is bigger when you’re little, bigger and more important.


You don’t get it. You non-time traveler people don’t get it. You hang on to things from the past like the past matters anymore. You worry about the future when it’s not here yet when the only time is now!


You’re a time traveler. You’re the first interesting thing that happened to me. I’m a lawyer. I get paid to prevent interesting things from happening and now look at me. I’m friends with a time traveler.


Clare: What are you doing? Don’t freak him out like that!
Alicia: I’m supposed to freak out your boyfriends. It’s my sacred duty as your younger sister.

Hey there, comrade. Welcome to the future. It’s 2022.


Clare: The clearing was our place.
Henry: It’s me, Claire. I’m the same Henry.

Henry: I just don’t think we have much in common, except apart from the obvious.
Gomez: The obvious?
Henry: The part where we both want to fuck Clare.

Ingrid: I’m Henry’s girlfriend.
Clare: Me too. Well, happily we can double date.

Ingrid, you know I don’t talk about the future.


How do you think my wife who I left in bed is going to feel about me sitting on a blanket with an 18-year-old version of herself?


Clare: I’m not going to see you for two years.
Henry: I know, but we can’t.
Clare: I’m your wife!
Henry: My wife is 33-years-old and waiting in bed for me.
Clare: Your wife is right here and she’s waited long enough

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

41-year-old Henry