Clare: I’m not going to see you for two years.
Henry: I know, but we can’t.
Clare: I’m your wife!
Henry: My wife is 33-years-old and waiting in bed for me.
Clare: Your wife is right here and she’s waited long enough

Ingrid: I’m Henry’s girlfriend.
Clare: Me too. Well, happily we can double date.

Ingrid, you know I don’t talk about the future.


Henry: Clare, I’m naked.
Teenage Clare: I’ve seen you naked lots of times. How is this different?
Henry: You’re older now. There are rules.

Of course, it didn’t matter, because they were the same Henry, just shuffled.

Older Clare

When you’re little, everything is waiting.

Older Clare

There is nothing more horrible than lies of decent men

Older Clare

Henry: You’re not allowed to meet me yet.
Teen Clare: Says who?
Henry: Says history.

Your life, whatever it is, is built entirely from the choices that you make. The future, fixed or not, is what you choose. Everything is still your decision.


Young Henry: Are all the other time travelers like you, assholes?
Adult Henry: Is there something about my face that attracts that word?

Henry: This is too complicated so I think we should go back to Plan A.
Clare: What’s plan A?
Henry: Get drunk and have sex.

You are literally a younger and hotter version of the man of my dreams.