Henry: You murdered a person.
Jonathan: Not the real me. Not the dad you know.

You murdered a person, dad


Jonathan: It's over. She fucked us, and you let it happen!
Haley: I let it happen. Jonathan, she was with you. She was in your camp, and you lost her because you didn't get rid of the fucking hammer. You hear that? You didn't get rid of the fucking hammer. How stupid can you get?

Haley: Miguel, did you ever tell anyone you thought it was really scary when your mom and dad fought?
Miguel [crying]: I told my teachers.

Franklin: Jesus Christ. If that man goes free, he will be in your life. He will be in your son's life. Good God, Grace. You have always seen things so clearly, seen exactly how they will play out. How can you not see this now? Oh. Oh, God.
Grace: I do see. I'll fix this.

Jonathan: Could it be?
Grace: What?
Jonathan [sheepishly]: Well, it's the only other explanation, Grace.
Grace: What?
Jonathan: I think you're asking yourself the same question, Grace. He knew about me and Elena. Saw us at school. Could have been very, very upset, traumatized, more than we know. Could he have there that night, and I don't know, seen me with her?
Grace: Are you actually asking me, do I think our son beat a woman to death?

I can neither advise nor instruct you to conceal or destroy.


Listen to me. Should this hammer come to light, it is game over. It's one too many coincidences to account for. Add to that, Henry could be arrested for obstruction of justice.


Jonathan doesn't know how to suffer. After his sister was killed, he never even said he was sorry. After his sister was killed, he never said another word about it. He just went on living her until he was old enough to leave and never come back, which is what he did.

Jonathan's Mother

Look, juries don't like to convict good-looking people. They certainly don't like to imprison doctors, and they don't like to punish the wealthy. As much as we think we like to stick it to the rich, in the end, we don't. We never do.

News Anchor

Haley: Their case is vulnerable.
Jonathan: So you keep saying, um, although with a little more anxiety each time you say it. Here's my question. What's our case, Haley, because I don't really have clarity on that.
Haley: Our defense is wait and see. I told you, it's fluid.
Jonathan: Fluid. OK. Great, that gives me great confidence. Thank you.

Grace: All this time, he was carrying that burden, and I never saw.
Franklin: In your professional opinion, is a past trauma like that likely to render a person more compassionate or more psychotic?
Grace: I tried calling his mother a few times, and she never returned.
Franklin: Even his family doesn't want to have anything to do with him.

The Undoing Quotes

I'm not blaming you. I'm just saying that there's a particular type of person that you want to be with, and maybe you're a little too quick to see that person in the men that you meet instead of seeing what's actually there.


Grace: Rebecca, I have met few people more discriminating than you. You read a hundred Yelp reviews before choosing someone to install your carpet. Am I right? You try on 20 pairs of shoes before making a choice. You do background checks on your hair colorist, you did a background check on me, no doubt. You vet everything. I mean everything. Which is fine. I mean, that's appropriate.
Rebecca: But?
Grace: But an attractive man comes along and shows an interest in you, and judgment be gone.
Rebecca: No, that is not what is happening.
Grace: I mean, the day that you met Kevin, you floated into this office. It was an appointment that was made to deal with the anguish of husband number two, only to declare that you met husband number three, so I'm saying, it's possible, that you're less of a victim of Kevin's moods than you are of your own.