Tara: When have you become so perfect?
Max: Since Shoshana put me on a low dose of prozac.
Tara: I wish she could prescribe.

Max: I'm proud of you?
Tara: For what?
Max: Everything.

Neil: Do you want to change out of that?
Charmaine: Nah f**ki it!

Is he alive? Where does he live? I've dated a lot of f**king guys in this state.


You should have protected me mom!

This is not good enough! This is not good enough!

I'm the only one that can call my mom crazy.


I wanna come to your wedding Char Char - Oh! Can I be your flower girl?


Tara, you know what today is? Today is my bullet train to a new life.


Ron Paul? Really?


Nothing, it's just that Obama let the whole gay community a stray.


A person who stands for nothing spends their whole life sitting.


United States of Tara Season 2 Quotes

Kid in comic store: What are you?
Linda: She's Princess Valhalla Hawkwind.
Kid: What?
Kate: What to take a picture with me?
Kid: What are your super powers?
Kate: I don't have a vagina.
Kid: Come on let's go to Popeye's and get some chicken.

It's an apron relax.