Why would you kill us? To punish us? Don't you get it? Killing is the punishment.


Oh I am doing my best to hold it together right now.


Negan: You set this course Rick. Who's next?
Rick: You are!

I'm gonna make it real. Carl, I promise -- I'm gonna make it real.


Ezekial: I've ferried my people to freedom. What befalls me now matters not.
Gavin: It matters, you idiot!

It's not too late to walk back from something decided.


Mom told me I would beat this world. I didn't. You will.

Carl [to Judith]

Carl: Don't carry this - not this part. You're my best friend Michonne.
Michonne: You're mine too. Mine too.

I can't be who I was. It's different now.


Carl, it was all for you right from the start. Back in Atlanta, the farm, everything I did was for you. And that prison? It was for you and Judith. It still is, and nothing, nothing is gonna change that.


I know you can't see it yet -- how it could be. But I have.


Carl: I love you dad.
Rick: I love you Carl.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Quotes

I hope you got your shittin' pants on. Cause you, are about to shit your pants.


Rick: The Hilltop's lucky to have you.
Maggie: You showed me how to be someone worth following.