Lizzie [pulls up skirts]: Let's get it over then.
[Henry violates her, thrusting around ten times before groaning]
Lizzie: Are you finished? I barely even noticed.
Henry: I thought about your sister Cecily. It made it quick.
[Lizzie slaps him. Hard.]

[After Henry and Lizzie have sex]
Elizabeth: Did he force you?
Lizzie [crying]: No! No, he did not take me. He has not won, this moment, he has not won. He will never beat me.

It isn't fair that we are not invited to the coronation [whispers] I'm sick to death of being cooped up here.


Lizzie: All I have wanted, all my life, is to marry a man for love.
Elizabeth: You know, my Lizzie, that a girl of your nobility cannot do that.
Lizzie: You did.
Elizabeth: I had the good sense to fall in love with a king of England.
Lizzie: So did I.

Lizzie [about Henry and Margaret]: Can't you kill them both? Put a sickness on them so they die in awful pain?
Elizabeth: I cannot do that. I know my curses, but perhaps they're just wishful thinking. Perhaps I just take good luck and call it magic. My powers cannot be very strong if we find ourselves as we are now, with my son lost again and this [nods at the mandrake root Lizzie was planning to take] before us.

You need do nothing. Except consent, and look delighted. England needs a joyful bride. All else...will be arranged by me.

Margaret [planning the wedding after Lizzie announces she is pregnant]

Elizabeth: Today, you will marry a king.
Cecily: In a dress fit for a harlot.
Lizzie: Today, I am a whore and martyr, because that is what he has made me.

I will walk through my sorrow and I will smile through my pain. I will pretend to be a dutiful wife, but only to their faces. He is my enemy, and so is his mother. I will fight him from within my marriage, and they will not even know it. I will plot to bring my brother back, or, if he is gone, another who will kill this monster Henry Tudor. Humble and penitent may be damned. Hidden and patient -- that will be my motto.


The White Princess Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

It's intended as a show of strength. But it only goes to show his weakness if he stoops to bully girls.

Elizabeth [about Henry "capturing" the York women]

Burn them. And ban the snow from falling. I will have nothing white in England.

Henry [holding York heraldry banners]