Promises are always made, and they are always broken. Always.


All my life I have been good. I have been biddable. I've been quiet. I married who I was told to marry and I thank God every day for you, I do, but...I will not be biddable anymore.


That little boy you removed from Cathy Gordon, that baby you sent away for nursing, has he been nursed into his grave? How do you sleep? How are you not bowed down with shame? How do you not howl with the grief of what you have done?


She killed the rightful king, and put me on the throne. It's all been lies. Our boys. Our beautiful boys are damned.

Henry [to Lizzie, about his mother]

Lady Margaret: You must go to Henry. You must tell him there is no curse.
Lizzie: But there is.
Lady Margaret: A widow and a virgin hurling oaths against their enemies because words are all they have. That is not a curse.

Tell me, my Lady the King's mother, how do you stand there in the sight of God with that sin, that stain of child murder on you soul?


The king should be sending for his lords, he should be marshaling his forces but instead he sends for his mother? Who rules us, him or you?

Lord Stanley [to his wife]

By all the saints, I wonder how you walk in a straight line, your wits are so dismally few.

Lady Margaret

She does not come near me! She does not speak to me! She does not speak for me! Nobody listens to her.

Henry [after nearly strangling his mother and throwing her out of his rooms]

The Boy: And what will you have, Teddy, when we are freed?
Teddy: A dog! A friendly dog.

The Boy: You have the look of our mother. That doesn't please you?
Lizzie: I loved her very much, but I didn't always like her. I hated her ambition. What it did to us. Nothing else mattered but power.
The Boy: She was a queen.
Lizzie: And look where we are from her ambition. I would like to ask her if it was all worth it.

There's a symmetry to it, don't you think? Then as now, two York boys with a claim to the throne in the one room.

Henry [to Lady Margaret]

The White Princess Season 1 Quotes

It's intended as a show of strength. But it only goes to show his weakness if he stoops to bully girls.

Elizabeth [about Henry "capturing" the York women]

Burn them. And ban the snow from falling. I will have nothing white in England.

Henry [holding York heraldry banners]