Cahir: The elves have endured much, and Nilfgaard has given them a haven. Loyalty seems an easy return on the investment.
Hake: Loyalty to whom?

She's a Child of Destiny. There are forces at play larger than we know. You are a part of her, she a part of you. But it's not enough.


Yennefer: Did you think about me after Caingorn?
Geralt: From time to time.
Yennefer: I fantasized about you quite a bit.
Geralt: That a golem was ripping my insides out?
Yennefer: No, that your head was torn off by one.

Ciri: How did you survive in Sodden?
Yennefer: I almost didn't. I'm one of the lucky ones. Depending on your definition of luck.

Your big old tool almost broke my toe.


Information is power. And in the wrong hands, it can be a weapon.


I know for a fact a drop of her blood could change the world. In the wrong hands, she will destroy it.


Fenn: It's probably pure coincidence that Emhyr wants the princess with the secret power to shatter monoliths for her claim to a throne that he already took by force.
Codringher: You know, Fenn, I've been thinking. How could we get answers faster? More sarcasm.

Hatred is an endless circle of fear and desperation. And who can tell which came first?


Sometimes, our elders set out to protect us, not knowing our strength.


Geralt: Ciri, this is my... dear friend.
Yennefer: Dear friend?

Geralt: Now that you've had a chance to speak with her, what do you think?
Nenneke: I don't see any side upon which you are not entirely fucked.

The Witcher Quotes

I think there's something wrong with me. Everywhere I go, people die. Sometimes, I feel like I could burn the whole world. I wouldn't mean to. It just makes me feel so afraid. All the time.


Fear is an illness. If you catch it and you leave it untreated, it can consume you.