You're more than a murderer, you're a doctor. You told me yourself. Now prove it.


The man you judge - the man the whole world has put on trial in absentia - the selfish, vile prat. The Ripper. You know him so well yet beg to know why, why, WHY? He's lived a dark and dishonorable life. He's done despicable things. But that does not preclude the possibility of good, does it? My boy, my boy! Congratulations, you are the proof, the one good thing he might ever do, the punctuation of a remarkable, misunderstood life.


War can never be truly stopped. Once you unleash a beast of this magnitude, there's no way to call it off. Perhaps one day, we shall annihilate each other. We'll call it "The War of the Worlds"


Stevenson: It's impressive to experience darkness and not be consumed by it
Ayers: Well, we don't have much choice, do we? We either reject the darkness or we let it destroy us.

Stevenson: Strange thing to take a life, isn't it?
Ayers: My calling is to save lives, not take them
Stevenson: Yes, but I imagine the lines are often blurred.
Ayers: I can assure you. They're not.

The past several months have been particularly bloody... but still, the mind finds ways through it.

Henry Ayers

Wells: At the risk of sounding...
Jane: ... like a sexist pig?
Wells: I have yet to oink so I fail to understand the pig reference

Time travel was meant for research and observation. I wanted to better the world, not destroy it.

H.G. Wells

My god. Imagine the possibilities if you used your memory for something significant.

H.G. Wells

Brooke: Stop. Don't do this, John, I can help you.
Stevenson: I don't need your help. If you want to help somebody, help yourself because you, my dear, are as mad as a bag of ferrets.

Brooke: I was afraid The Ripper would find me boring
Stevenson: Boring? A little romp in the bedroom, syringe to the neck, awaken naked and tied up in a laboratory? Boring is the very least of what you are, my darling.

In my day, passion and desire...they were the true result of yearning for a woman, the longing that fills your head and clouds every thought as you patiently wait for her to walk through the door and say 'Good Morning'

H.G. Wells

Time After Time Quotes

You write about life without actually living it.


In five generations, utopia will have come to pass. That's where I belong.

H.G. Wells