Rufus: If Rittenhouse doesn't kill us, the mosquitos will. Is West Nile a thing yet?
Flynn: No. But typhoid and dysentery killed about 150,000 soldiers, so better wash your vegetables.

Boy, you do too much talking. They'll find you out real fast.

Tubman [to Rufus]

I think [Flynn's] still asleep. You ever hear him snoring? I think the dude needs a CPAP.


It turns out pregnancy just makes me want to binge watch "This is Us" and ugly cry, so I'll get it all out of my system.

Jessica [to Wyatt]

Dude, Harriet Tubman's hardcore.

Rufus [to Wyatt]

Rufus: I'd like some extra-crispy chicken tenders, Colonel Sanders.
Wyatt: You're a riot.

You're my grandfather and I have the greatest respect for you, but stop thinking with your crotch.

Carol [to Nicholas]

Rittenhouse is about family, it's about legacy, something Emma will never understand.

Carol [to Nicholas]

Wyatt: The truth is [Jessica's] my wife. I've known her since high school.
Connor: To be precise, you knew a Jessica, who sadly passed away. This Jessica could be different.

We're going back to the Civil War again. Yay!


Harriet: How long you been free?
Rufus: All my life.
Harriet: You're lucky.
Rufus: I know.

It can't be true. Because if it's true, I'm done. I lost her once. I can't lose her again.

Wyatt [to Rufus]

Timeless Season 2 Quotes

Lucy: I lost everything.
Wyatt: You haven't lost me.

Someone who's willing to die fighting against us will never fight for us.

Emma [referring to Lucy]