I had to go. I had to leave him. If I'd stayed to treat him, they would've found us. If I tried to move him, they would've heard us. So I left him there to die. It's my fault. It's all my fault.


Dr. Atwater: Listen. I know that wasn't easy. But he's out of our hands now. And we know exactly what he'd tell us to do: to get to work and focus on the patients we can help. Let's get to work.

Dr. Bishop: Take me through your thinking.
Bash: All of her symptopms. The fluid around her heart. The fluid on her lungs. Wecan't see how they're connected. She's negative for respiratory virus, and her white blood cells are normal, which means there's not an infection either. The fact is she's been here two days and we still don't know what's wrong with her.
Dr. Bishop: Other than a ruptured spleen, which we caused. And before we could repair that, the seizure.
Bash: Basically, all we know is that she's extremely ill, and her prognosis is worsening because of what happened in Trauma last night.
Dr. Bishop: Which was my mistake. And I'll tell that to the board. Thank you.
Bash: Sir, I'm not going to let you take responsibility --
Dr. Bishop: It was my fault. I am not having you come this far for something like this to hold you back. Now, clear your mind, widen your views. List everything that it can't be until you see what it is. There's a poetry in the differential. There's truth. We get it wrong, until we get it right. And they get to start over.

Theo: Your infections getting worse. Pneumonia. We're admitting you now. Your CF team is on their way down. But, um, we're not gonna be able to stop it.
Amber: The vest didn't help?
Reese: What about PEP? Or a bi-pap?
Theo: Those would buy time. But it wouldn't stop the decompenstion. I'm, I'm so sorry.
Reese: Okay. Okay. We're prepared for this. Right?
Amber: We've been on the transplant list for months.
Reese: And this moves Finn up to the top, right?
Theo: The list is based on need, yeah.
Finn: It doesn't matter because it's too late.
Amber: Finn, don't say that.
Reese: Hey, that is not what's happening here, okay. There are more things that we can try.
Finn: I know you guys are trying to protect me. I get that. But I need to face hat's really going on here, and I don't think you're hearing what Theo's actually saying to us.
Theo: Even if lungs come, your infection is too advanced. He wouldn't be a candidate. We, uh, we're, we're looking at end stage.

Mags: They met so young. You could end up being married to someone who isn't anything like the person they started out as.
Bash: Or it just means that you change together. M parents met at 18 and they were more in love than any couple I've ever seen.

Bash: Can you think of anything, any symptoms or underlying medical conditions that she's been diagnosed with?
Mags: Or any injuries she's sustained, even going back years?
Jason: Sonja and I met when we were 18. I knew everything there was to know about her for the longest time. She was always basically healthy. Until her back pain, her addiction. I love her. And I want my wife back.

Claire: Jed. I asked you if the nausea was normal and nothing to be concerned about. You said yes. Then I asked you if the dizziness was normal, and you said yes. Now, if neither of those were true, you have to tell me right now. Because what happened last night in the trauma bay, Bash is now on the hook, a patient's life is at risk, and if it's because you are not taking care of yourself --
Dr. Bishop: Alright, Claire! Alright! I couldn't ... I couldn't see the damn monitor. It went foggy.
Claire: Okay, how long has this been going on? Have symptoms been getting worse and you've just been lying about it?
Dr. Bishop: No, I haven't in ... The nausea's normal. The headaches too, but this, these, lapses in vision I wasn't expecting. I haven't been lying to you. Maybe I've been lying to myself.

Theo: Ben, none of this is your fault.
Ben: If I was tougher, this wouldn't be happening!
Theo: When your dad plays rough with you like that, it's not okay, and it has nothing to do with how tough you are.

I convinced myself I was strong enough to throw everything out and start this big adventure, and now you're telling me I'm broken, fragile, and there's nothing I can do about it?


Joanie: Your wife doesn't wanna move here?
Theo: I kind of took the offer before really discussing it with her.
Joanie: Ah, so you're an idiot.

Claire: I think you have created a monster in your own image.
Dr. Bishop: One day, we are going to be working for Mags.

Navia: When my husband quit our marriage, I quit the office job I always hated. Gave myself a year to start over and open a food truck.
Mags: That's pretty brave.
Navia: Brave and stupid. I've been driving Uber to keep things afloat.

Transplant Quotes

Bashir: Thanks for that. He's taking everything I say the wrong way.
Magalie: What does he think you did?
Bashir: At this point, maybe planning 9/11....but I didn't

Uncle: You're a hero
Bashir: People in this country might not agree.