Bishop: How are you doing, June? Being Chief Resident, caught between the egos and the politics?
June: It's just hard to know whose interests you're serving, you know, who you can trust.
Bishop: All I know is that patient first is our true north.

Jake: I look forward to hearing if I'm good enough for your sister.
Cam: You're adorable, but nobody is.

Singh: You have to be smart.
June: I know I do; that's why I'm here.
Singh: Except this is becoming a bad habit. You come to me before you walk into something, I flag the risks, and you do it anyway. If you don't trust my advice, don't waste my time.

Mags: They're going to ask me what to do?
Dr. Fisher: And you should answer them Mags, you lived their reality.
Mags: Tricuspid Atresia wasn't my issue.
Dr. Fisher: But you know what that little boy is going through. What all of them are.

Theo: Mags, are you dating my student?
Mags: It's not like I'm wearing his varsity jacket or anything. Why, is that a problem?
Theo: it's a bit weird, but whatever.

Bash: Tell me what I can do to manage this?
Bishop: You can play it safe. Toe the line. Toe the line. Everything you do is going to be scrutinized. I know it's unfair but, you already have to be better than everyone else. Starting now, you need toge out of your way o follow protocols. No more pushing the boundaries, no unnecessary risks. Don't give them any ammunition.

Bishop: We took a necessary action to save her life.
Bash: I took the action.
Bishop: All our options were tragic. I stand by the choice we made. This is happening because a father needs somewhere to put his anger.

Theo: Action plan Jake?
Jake: Nebulize with albuterol?
Shelly: He just gets to guess?
Theo: Well, this is a teaching hospital and he is a student. But how is she with the nebulizer, Mom?
Shelly: Unless you popped out of my uterus seven years ago, maybe call me Shelly.

De Luca: You really don't remember him.
June: I see a lot of patients for a short period of time. I'm supposed to remember all their stories?
De Luca: Okay. What major life event happened to me last week?
June: You got promoted.
De Luca: I turned 30. You ate one of the cupcakes.

Bash: We'll do some blood tests, take a urine sample to check his kidneys, then assess and make a plan.
Ruby: We already have one. I'm giving him one of my kidneys.
Wendy: That's very generous of you but there are multiple complex tests you'd have to do to confirm-
Ruby: We did them already. As soon as we learned he had CKD.
Claire: Have we seen you here before Ruby?
Ruby: Not here. We did blood and tissue typing, and serum too. The doctors said there's no way I'd be a match but they were wrong! Mal and I are meant to be. We won't let anything come between us.

Bash: I'm very sorry that it went this way.
Dr. Grisholm: After what you took from us? Sorry, won't be good enough. This was your fault.

Mags: I think I hate everyone we work with. Except you, obviously.
June: Well, give it time. If there's one thing that I've learned, it's that everyone disappoints you eventually.

Transplant Quotes

Bashir: Thanks for that. He's taking everything I say the wrong way.
Magalie: What does he think you did?
Bashir: At this point, maybe planning 9/11....but I didn't

Uncle: You're a hero
Bashir: People in this country might not agree.