Chandler: So you make life-and-death decisions all day for a living.
Bash: I guess we both do.

Theo: It seemed tense in there.
Bash: Novak's just on edge because Devi's trying to rein him in.
Theo: She's still licking her wounds. That is crossfire you want to avoid.

Chandler: Bashir, this isn't an interrogation. If your case didn't have merit, you wouldn't have made it to this point.
Bash: But many applicants become citizens without being asked to do this kind of interview. So for some people, this is as far as they get.

Chandler: What do you say to a person like that, to convince someone to want to help himself?
Bash: I say what I always end up saying to people when they lose hope: It's never too late to start again.

Chandler: Do these things get to you or are you pretty numb by now?
Bash: You find ways to compartmentalize.

Mags: So you just answer any question he asks?
Bash: And be as transparent as I can.
Mags: Your favorite way to be.

June: How's that going? Your health stuff?
Mags: It's messy. I mean, you really can't stop saving someone's life because your heart rate spikes.

June: I can either channel my inner bitch or let my feelings govern how I do my job.
Devi: And risk losing everything you've worked for.

Mags: I'm suggesting patience.
Bash: You're suggesting I do nothing.
Mags: No, not nothing. Just take time. Get perspective.

I'm not going to apologize to Roberta Matheson and go on the record as an abuser. If you have an issue with that, let me know.

Theo [to Devi]

Bash: I shouldn't have lost my temper.
Theo: You're allowed to be upset when something you care about breaks.

Still glad you invited me?

Theo [to Mags and Bash]

Transplant Quotes

Bashir: Thanks for that. He's taking everything I say the wrong way.
Magalie: What does he think you did?
Bashir: At this point, maybe planning 9/11....but I didn't

Uncle: You're a hero
Bashir: People in this country might not agree.