Doctor Bishop: You're the only one who's talking about second chances and you're the only one around here who's not afraid to tell me to piss dinner, would you like to?
Malone: Piss off

Do you know what a lawyer hears when you say enemy of the state? They hear liability. That puts the pressure on us to make certain you are not. I need you to bullet-proof. Sharper than anyone else.

Doctor Bishop

Hamed: You don't date?
Leblanc: I've had to accept the fact that the hospital is my current boyfriend. You?
Hamed: I sleep on a sofa so my sister can have a bedroom

Bashir: I have documents proving my identity.
Tyler MacCauley: But not your credentials. And without those the hospital assumes a serious risk, one we can't afford. I mean, how can we be sure you're truly qualified?
Bashir: I suppose you can't.
Bishop: No actually you can, because I hired him, I'm sitting here because of him.
MacCauley: With respect Dr. Bishop, that's not enough. I'm not diminishing anything he did for you, but this is -
Bishop: He just performed an emergency cricothyrotomy on a kid who has a disease that shouldn't even exist here.
MacCauley: Even still, this is about us needing a paper trail that proves he is who he says he is.
Bashir: They targeted doctors. In Syria. Especially ones who smuggled vaccines into the country to try to prevent typhoid, dysentery, diphtheria, it's simple, the state controls the university and I am an enemy of the state. There is no paper trail because of who I am.

Vivian Barnes: I heard you had a few choice words with the father. I find that having an outlet helps keep the frustration from boiling over.
Bashir: What's yours?
Vivian: Boxing. Sometimes bourbon.

June: I just had to tell that kid's parents that their only son died trying to get into a frat. Stupid Meaningless way to die.
Bashir: Doesn't make it any easier when they die for a reason.

Max: My dad says its all chemicals.
Bashir: He may have a point about that.
Max: He's not happy with me.
Bashir: I know. But you did the right thing by telling us about Tristan.
Max: You know he, he talks about getting me through the measles as if him and my mom are heroes, you know, but it wasn't like that for me. At all. I never told them but I, I was so afraid that I was gonna die. Then after my mom, if just got even harder to talk to him, so.

June: Ethan, is it really worth beating yourself just to be accepted by a collection of entitled assholes?
Ethan: I'm here on scholarship, and half the alumni get the kind of finance jobs I want to have through business school, so, yeah, it is.

Jared Abbott: Max got one vaccination when he was a baby, and it left him paralyzed for a week. Half his little face was frozen.
Claire: Reactions like that are rare and almost never serious.
Jared: Until they are. We were lucky that he bounced back. After that we were done with it. The body builds its own immunity.

Bashir: Do you see a lot of unvaccinated children?
Mags: More than we should. People afraid of side-effects, primarily autism.
Bashir: But that study was retracted.
Mags: Yeah, and a ton of misinformation is taking its place. Are there anti-vaxxers in Syria?
Bashir: People there are desperate for vaccines. We fight to get them into the country.

Dr. Bishop: Legal's up in arms about your missing transcripts. They won't accept that you can't get the originals out of Aleppo.
Bashir: Any chance they've watched the news in the last five years?
Dr. Bishop: Apparently not. They want to see you before making a decision.
Bashir: A decision?
Dr. Bishop: Render judgment. Call it what you will. They've asked to talk to you tomorrow.
Bashir: Anything, in particular, they want to know?
Dr. Bishop: About the Syrian doctor who showed up out of nowhere wielding a power drill? I think they're going to want to know everything. To them, you're just a giant flashing neon sign that reads "liability, do not proceed." Tomorrow, 6:00 p.m., and wear the kind of tie you'd wear when your entire future hangs in the balance.

Bashir: Forgeries, corruption, that was supposed to be behind us.
Khaled: These are your grades, brother. You earned them. Who cares where the paper comes from?

Transplant Quotes

Bashir: Thanks for that. He's taking everything I say the wrong way.
Magalie: What does he think you did?
Bashir: At this point, maybe planning 9/11....but I didn't

Uncle: You're a hero
Bashir: People in this country might not agree.