Trish: Where does this leave us?
Bash: Vincent's surgeon said twelve weeks. I could try to give you a specific time frame but you two have been beating the odds all day.

Dr. Bishop: I told you this was not your fight!
Bash: I know. It's yours. So why won't you fight it?

Christie: He needed a dentist and I bought him a coat. I'm supposed to know what's best for him, but every decision has consequences.
Theo: We don't know what they are when we make them. You're an amazing mom.

June: Did he really say all that stuff about Bishop?
Dr. Atwater: I just hate that man.

Melissa: I'm not happy, Theo.
Theo: No, Mel. I can fix that. I know I can.
Melissa: You can't. Because when you chose this, you didn't choose me.

Vincent: What did those things do to her?
Bash: Trish is in acute liver failure.
Vincent: No. Don't tell me that. I didn't say anything. I could have stopped her from taking them but she was getting strong; we were having our best year. Can you help her?
Bash: We're doing everything w can, but if we don't slow the toxicity down soon -
Vincent: She could die?
Bash: I'm sorry Vincent. It is a possibility.
Vincent: She's always had to work harder physically, but we joke that she's the artist and I keep her weathered to reality. And I let her fall.

Dr. Novak: What are the odds this was the first time he presented the symptom, and no one on his team raised any objection to him practicing? I mean, we're not a shy bunch; why not speak up? People fear repercussions. Was there a culture of fear in our emergency department?
Bash: That's not what happened. The Attending, and everyone knows you mean Dr. Bishop, fosters an environment of open communication. As the aforementioned Resident, in this case, I can confirm that he invites us to push back.
Dr. Novak: Then why didn't you? How was it that a staff of fully-trained physicians who diagnose patients that they've just met every day couldn't spot even the tiniest indication that something was wrong with him?
Dr. Malone: Because he was hiding it. He knew he wasn't recovering properly from his head injury, though he didn't know how bad it was, but that lack of judgment was his. No one else's.

Dr. Novak: Human fallibility, so, in other words, it's pretty dull from a clinical perspective.
Dr. Atwater: Why then, Dr. Novak, did you want us taking up this case today?
Dr. Novak: You're asking the right question, Wendy. We know how it happened, but not why, and when you tug at that particular thread, things get interesting. Systemic failure of leadership, lead to this entirely preventable incident.

I'm 22, and I know that sounds young, but, there's always stronger skaters coming up behind you. And if we don't make it this season ... I did this to us.


Camille: Since when can you not handle a boss?
Mags: Let's just say he's not charmed by me.
Camille: I know how much you need to be top of your class -
Mags: It's just, you know when the entire essence of your being offends someone, It's kind of hard not to start believing it, you know?

Camille: How's work, dead rodents aside?
Mags: I'll take a dead mouse over my new boss. According to him, everything I do is wrong.
Camille: But you're always right, look ah, ah, ah. Just do things your own way. Who cares?

Christie: You think I'm a bad mom for leaving it so long.
Theo: I never meant to imply ...
Christie: Maybe not but you did. Look. Eamonn's dad was abusive and, uh, about 6 months ago it got really bad, so we got out. And I don't want him to know where we are. Ever. But that also means not taking his money, so that means Eamonn has to live with less because I can't give him everything he needs. And now my little boy's heart ... please help him.

Transplant Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Bash: I wasn't sure you'd make it in today. I'm glad you did.
Dr. Bishop: I'm not here for the M. & M. if that's what you mean. I'm here as a patient.
Bash: Good. You know, Dr. Novak he's running the session and he's ...
Dr. Bishop: Yes, yes, we've established, wants my job. He's picked a good case to take up. Plenty to learn from what happened.
Bash: So how come you won't ...?
Dr. Bishop: If I'm there, others won't feel free to speak openly.
Bash: But if you're not, then ...
Dr. Bishop: Novak might malign my good name? My name can take it. It's not your fight, Dr. Hamed.

Dr. Mitchell: We've spoken before about triggers, and when they happen you want to fix things. I have seen enough to know that. And your way of doing that is by running into burning buildings trying to save someone else. It makes you feel in control. The thing is, post-traumatic stress is like a faucet: once open, it keeps on flowing, Bash, whether you like it or not.