Dan: You are authorized to engage target.
Ellen: What are you doing?
Dan: Tying up loose ends.

We need to chat with you about Operation Treadstone.

CIA Director

I want everything you know on the Cicada program. Bentley told me you ran it.


Yuri Leniov had my best friend executed right in front of me. The son of a bitch has it coming.


Ellen: What the hell is this?
Dan: Right and wrong, taking a back seat to winning at any cost.

Petra: Why are you really here?
Tracy: You are the last person who can help me.

Are you ready to finish your training, John?


I am looking at illegal acts of war on multiple fronts.


I'll fake my death.


You went dark and you left me holding the bag.


Haynes: If you say you wanna know who's waking us up, then you have to keep going.
Edwards: I'm working on a plan.

Anything happens to me, Haynes is going to turn this place into a slaughterhouse.


Treadstone Quotes

Edwards: Tell me about Treadstone?
Tracy: Treadstone, what is that?

Randolph: The man that I was before, would he have been able to kill them?
Man: The man you were was sent here by the CIA to murder me, and now look at you. Such Pacus. These methods of mine, I know, they are complicated. But you, you are my most promising subject. Now, Cicada.
Randolph: Cicada?
Man: An amazing little creature, sent underneath the surface for years at a time to wait. Then they awaken from their long slumber.
Randolph: And then die?
Man: Yes, but not before they fulfill their destiny. You will be a great soldier for our cause. Right now, you need your rest.