Haynes: If you say you wanna know who's waking us up, then you have to keep going.
Edwards: I'm working on a plan.

They're sending another asset.


You spent all that time training those Cicadas and you are the one who ended up programmed.


That missile goes off and millions of people are going to die.


I remember everything, what you did to me. What you made me do. You've taken everything from me.


Randolph: We're on different sides, Petra.
Petra: I don't have a side anymore.

Samantha: Will be okay after this?
Doug: I don't know.

Man: You weren't meant to come back.
Randolph: I was here before? For how long? Please.

What did you people do to me? It's like I was someone else. They turned me into a monster.


You said that you had finally found your true purpose.


The only way that we're getting through this is by trusting each other. We can't trust anyone.


Doug: This is over, isn't it?
Samantha: What's over?
Doug: The life we had.

Treadstone Quotes

Edwards: Tell me about Treadstone?
Tracy: Treadstone, what is that?

Randolph: The man that I was before, would he have been able to kill them?
Man: The man you were was sent here by the CIA to murder me, and now look at you. Such Pacus. These methods of mine, I know, they are complicated. But you, you are my most promising subject. Now, Cicada.
Randolph: Cicada?
Man: An amazing little creature, sent underneath the surface for years at a time to wait. Then they awaken from their long slumber.
Randolph: And then die?
Man: Yes, but not before they fulfill their destiny. You will be a great soldier for our cause. Right now, you need your rest.