Ani: Would you run, now, if I asked. Would you?
Ray: I might. I just might.

Frank: You're a cop, a lady cop, right?
Ani: What gave it away, the tits?
Frank: I meant you're a lady. You got dignity.

I hope you saved some of that Miss Ukraine money.


Ani: He was better than us. He saved our asses, twice.
Ray: Three times. Now. He deserved better.

Ani: You're not a bad man.
Ray: Yes, I am. Do you miss it.
Ani: What?
Ray: Anything.

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Ani: Maybe, and this is just a thought, maybe you were put on earth for more than fucking.
Vera: Everything is fucking.

In the midst of being gangbanged by forces unseen, I figured I'd drill a new orifice. Go on an fuck myself for a change.


That's one off the bucket list. A Mexican standoff with actual Mexicans.


What all you scribblin' over there? You have some high drama I don't see?


You want out? You're free. You ain't had the nerve for this for a while.


The adoption. I think you were saying no to the kid that you once you. You were saying that he was somebody else's problem.


Pain is inexhaustible. It's only people who get exhausted.


True Detective Season 2 Quotes

Frank: You're Deptuy Velcoro, right? This 'filth' hurt your woman. You know this guy.
Ray: Tell me.
Frank: Sometimes, everybody's not always on the same side. Fine. It's business. But this. No. Fuck that. Somethings don't stand.

Harris: You were with LA sheriff's department eight years before Vinci PD. Anything there going to hurt you?
Ray: No. I welcome judgment.