"The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress." Let us show those who oppress us that there is no limit to our endurance. They cannot break us. They cannot break us. They cannot break us!


Halima: I need allies, and he and I want the same thing.
Halima's boyfriend: No, you don't. You hate the same thing. That's different.

Whether you like him or not, Bassam has learned to wield power. And power, even without principle, is better than chaos.


They're all the same. I'm telling you. So pick a side.

Ahmed [to Sammy]

Did you ever imagine when you were, I don't know, getting stoned every morning, that you'd end up a soldier in my dad's army? I'm sorry. *Our* dad's army.

Sammy [to Ahmed]

Be careful, General. Remember, you work for us and not the other way around.

Molly [to Maloof]

You can't speak for anyone if you're dead, or in chains.

Daliyah [to Fauzi]

Tragic heroes make very poor political partners.


He's my oldest friend. We used to commiserate about my father when kids, getting drunk. The old dictator. Now he says the same things about me.

Barry [about Fauzi]

Maloof: I'm not concerned. The people of Abuddin are used to the government telling them what to do. The anger will pass. Pretty soon, it'll feel like the same old normal.
Molly: Once the war is over -- in six months or a year -- once you've declared elections again, this will all be remembered as nothing more than a blip.

I'm sorry if that upsets you. But you gave me a voice, and I have to use it. If I don't, who am I? I am nothing. I am less than you are.

Daliyah [to Barry]

Barry: You have to stop speaking out against me. Daliyah.
Daliyah: You have no right to ask me that.
Barry: Daliyah. Daliyah, this is me.
Daliyah: What's that supposed to mean? Do I owe you something? Because I slept with you? Because I love you?

Tyrant Quotes

Check out Grandpa on the billboard.


Barry: Just promise me we'll come back.
Molly: What? Very funny.