Hilda: Do you know how hard it is for me, Betty? First impressions is all I got. If I don't flirt with the boys and joke with the girls they're gonna realize there's not much behind the tight jeans and low cut top
Betty: That is such crap
Hilda: Well it was worth a shot. Yours had some good stuff.

[about dating Constance to get his green card...]
Ignacio: I don't play that game
Tucson: You want your green card? You don't have a choice man. You ride that squishy train until you reach your destination

Amanda: You can do this, she's a model, shiny things confuse her. Okay, now just flirt with her, maybe even kiss her, and that bunny skirt will hop right off
Marc: Okay but if this is anything like my prom night you're paying for the therapy

Wilhelmina: Hey Wilhelmina, love the hat
Kayla Brooks: Thank you
Wilhelmina: Do we know this person?
Justin: Kayla Brooks, fashion correspondent for New York One. She's in midnight blue Chanel with pewter buttons and navy stockings
Wilhelmina: Mistake?
Justin: Colossal. She looks like a mailbox
Wilhelmina: You're good, Jason
Justin: It's Justin. You can call me whatever you want, I love you

Henry: iPod, cell phone... I hope they'll be declaring those on their taxes... too nerdy?
Betty: Yep

Amanda: Oh my god, Mischa Barton just knocked over Kate Bosworth
Marc: Like that's so hard

Marc: Fabia at 2 o'clock
[Wilhelmina wanders off the wrong way]
Marc: You're on Tokyo time. This way, Woman!

Wilhelmina: It's a blessing really. Think about it, fashion week, all those people you don't to see
Marc: But they have to see me. You have to be at my side at all times, you swill be my seeing eye gay

Justin: Okay, here's how this is gonna work, ladies. You two are taking me to fashion week
Hilda: Justin...
Justin: No argument. I've been waiting for this my whole life I did my homework I called in sick to school today you just have to sign this little slip
Hilda: Don't think for a second...
Justin: I swear mom, I will run away. I know a kid in sixth grade that sell crack

Wilhelmina: By this time tomorrow, Daniel will be as out as ugg boots
Alexis: and I can't wait

Daniel: So what brings you back?
Becks: It's fashion week... the Bootylympics

Daniel: How was Africa?
Becks: Totally mind blowing... no hotties to be found... but it's that sick thing, not hot thing

Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Justin: Are you talking to Posh?
Betty: No, but I'm talking to the people that talk to her
Justin: Betty rules

Betty [on hidden bluetooth]: Betty Suarez
Ignacio: I know, I named you