There are trends to be set, dreams to be trampled!


(to Marc) Look at you, you're an Adonis. You're like a gay Hugh Jackman!


(to Betty) Or the Matt who's an astronaut and you're an alien embryo bursting out of his chest?


(to Betty) The real Matt? Or the Matt who's a human sacrifice and you're an Aztec warrior cutting out his heart?


(to Mark about Troy) No! He is imprinted on you like a gay duckling. If you don't wean him off you slowly, he'll die.


(to Amanda) If I knew he was a ga-virgin, I never would have taken his delicate flower!


(about Claire's whereabouts) How would I know what she was doing in South Dakota? I don't even know where that country is.


Oh my lover is good!...At painting!

Now that Suzuki, is he gay? Because I thought I saw him sneaking a peek at my Snookie.


(to Troy) I'm your first? Aren't you like 40?


I didn't think he'd be back so soon. His passport accidentally ended up in my bag. Completely innocent, fully deniable mistake. But now it's like he's some sort of stalker! I knew that was him at my gym and my bank and my backup gym...


Thank you so much for the ride, Bobby. It's Elizabeth Taylor week on Lifetime, and I could not miss Butterfield 8. She plays a prostitute who has to pay for her sins.


Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

You see, it's the little things that'll get you. One day Matt is saying 'Miss you much,' and the next day it's 'Pop! Pop!' Murder-suicide.


I'm a professional. I don't get grossed out by food caught in braces.

Dr. Farkas

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Song Lemon And Lime Daniel Lenz
La vie est belle La Vie Est Belle 11 Acorn Lane iTunes