How can we measure the abbreviation of a mortal life when considered next to one’s eternal salvation?

Prophet Onias

I think it’s okay to sing it now and then, even if I don’t believe it has power anymore.

Detective Bill Taba

My family became my faith.

Allen Lafferty

You are a small, weak child, not a man!

Dianna Lafferty

Stake President Ballard: For some, truth brings discomfort.
Allen Lafferty: For others, lies do the same.

I believe that in order to stand proud before our Savior on the last day, mothers must defend our families from evil, to help men see past themselves, and to stand up to those even in our church who would lead us astray.

Brenda Wright-Lafferty

They weren’t lying. That is a skill particular to your ancestors, Jeb.

Detective Bill Taba

Brady: Brother, when men of faith say that they feel the burning of the bosom by the Holy Spirit, I was raised to believe it.
Detective Jeb Pyre: If they told me their bosom was burning to let someone die, I’d do my own praying.

I’m only beholden to your sister. I won’t be deterred, not by anybody. I swear to you.

Detective Jeb Pyre

God takes what you love so you cannot turn back.

Prophet Onias

Look at the amazing thing Heavenly Father did for us -- provided a religion to weather the changing world.

Bishop Wright

The Lord gives us wine to gladden the heart. It’s natural, spiritual.

John Bryant

Under the Banner of Heaven Quotes

Most of all what I miss are the days when I still believed our God was love.

Allen Lafferty

Detective Jeb Pyre: No forced entry. No items of value taken.
Detective Bill Taba: Except the two lives.