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Suzanna: No matter where you go, my catchers will catch you. Drag you back.
Rosalee: Nobody gon be dragged back here. Ain't gon be no place to come back to.

Elizabeth: You're not the only one who heard rumors, Laney. I've heard a few about you and Max Collins, Trevor Forrest, and I can't remember the name of the French masseuse.
Laney: So, what, you're going to tell Dan unless I give you a donation?
Elizabeth: I am. I'm going to threaten to tell him every month when I come back for another donation. I think there's a good person in there, Laney. I think you need help finding her.

I ain't leaving this plantation with you still breathing.

Noah [to Bill]

August: I just wanted to teach him something, but I ain't never got...I ain't never had nothing. Ain't have nothing to...
Ernestine: Don't matter what we got or don't, for we got to give it all to 'em. They'll always be our babies. Time don't get to take that away. We don't even get that right, no matter how hard we fail at it. Maybe, the only way to fail them is to give up on it altogether.

My boys, you asked earlier what about my boys, where are they, how did they fair? Well, my oldest was hung by the master, and my youngest is being raised by the mistress. Not a day goes by, I don't wonder which of one I let down more.


I saw Noah, he said he coming back for you. I ain't tell him, but I'm staying. This is my family now.


Ain't nothing wrong with a little sin for the greater good.


Be quiet, turn around, or I will show you a real sinner.


I guess you ain't the only one with a vice. It's like I'm traveling with a church revival group.

Smoke [finds drugs]

Who can you trust? You can't even trust family.


Harriet: The Lord is on our side, we just got to do our part.
Elizabeth: Sometimes, I'm not sure I understand my part.

Underground Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Smoke: Patty asked us both with driving this property. It wouldn't be favorable if she got stolen just 'cause you and I can't work together.
August: Bequiet.
Ernestine: Who's Patty? Patty Cannon? What she want with me?
Smoke: Well, she has business with your daughter.
August: I said, shut your mouth.

Your plan to break your Black Rose ain't happening fast enough. You should be coming after the Queen herself, not her court. Show this butcher of words Harriet Tubman is just another runaway nigger. Then, she'll be a footnote in your story instead of the other way around.