Brady: What the hell was that?
Calvin: Just going for a drive. Celebrating. Haven't you heard? All charges against me were thrown out. They didn't have any evidence. No one was willing to testify. Not even Spencer.

Jo Ellen: What brings you in town?
Teen: I'm looking for my grandfather.
Jo Ellen: Oh, I know almost everyone in town. What's his name?
Teen: Dr. Vernon Mullins.

Preacher: Thanks for following through.
Jack: No, thank you. Come on, we're practically family.
Preacher: Yeah, that's for sure. And you know if you ever need anything...
Jack: I might need a Best Man.
Preacher: Yeah, that's great. You two, you're great together.
Jack: Thanks.
Preacher: So what you got thinking about marriage?
Jack: I don't know seeing Doc so torn up about Hope, that's how I feel about Mel. I don't want to live my life without her.
Preacher: So don't.
Jack: I don't know man, I never thought I'd get married again, man. Just the fact that I'm thinking about it again is freakin me out.
Preacher: You were a kid the first time. Kids make mistakes. Now you know who you are and what makes you happy.

Jack:I don't want to fight. I just want equal custody of the twins.
Charmaine: Honestly, I don't see that happening.
Jack: Why not?
Charmaine: Because Todd doesn't want you involved with our family.
Jack: Oh I'm sorry you mean involved with our kids.
Charmaine: Jack, I'm not going to risk my marriage to defend you.

Brady: What about us?
Brie: Us?
Brady: Brie. I meant what I said, I'm falling in love with you. You're all I think about.
Brie: This doesn't make sense, you know that right? My brother thinks you shot him.
Brady: But I didn't. The truth is I can't get enough of you, All I know is when we're together there's this heat that I never felt before. You know what I mean?
Brie: Yeah I do.
Brady: then stay a little while longer, just give this a chance.
Brie: If I say yes I feel like I'm going to regret it.
Brady: You won't. Promise.

Brie, if you want to stick around that's your call, but if you want my opinion you deserve a whole lot better.


Mel: Are you OK?
Doc: I'm just worried. I've made so many mistakes when it comes to Hope, I just pray to God this isn't another one.

Jack: I know things have been upside down since the funeral, but I was wondering if you had given the partnership any more thought?
Preacher: Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that.
Jack: Well, what do you think?
Preacher: I'm in.

Brie: So, God, this is harder than I thought.
Mel: Just take your time.
Brie: Six months ago I started dating that attorney I told you about. We met at a fundraiser and he was smart and handsome and the chemistry was insane. And one night we were together and I was tired from working all day, and I told him no, but he didn't stop. And when he was done, I started crying and you know what he did? He got dressed and walked out without saying anything.
Mel: Oh, sweetheart.
Brie: My miscarriage is from that night.
Mel: Brie, I am so sorry.

Jack: I didn't know you were coming by.
Charmaine: I wasn't planning on it.
Jack: So did you work things out with Todd?
Charmaine: You can say that. We actually got married so.
Jack: Oh, when?
Charmaine: Yesterday, at city hall in Eureka.
Jack: That wasn't what I thought you were going to say but congratulations.
Charmaine: Thanks. I told him I wasn't moving to Eureka unless we had a wedding date planned and he told me we didn't have to wait.

Ricky: What if I had told you? What would you have said?
Lizzie: Maybe I would've been upset but I would've told you to go. You know why? Because I loved you, and I would've supported whatever you wanted to do.
Ricky: Loved? Past tense? Lizzie, I know I screwed up but...
Parker: Hey, baby.
Lizzie: I don't need an apology. You live your life, and I'll live mind.

Muriel: Hey, everything's going to be okay.
Doc: I no longer believe that's true.

Virgin River Quotes

Doc: I don’t need spice. I want to walk down the street and be able to hold your hand.
Hope: Yeah, I hate all that “coupley” crap.

Whenever things got rough my instinct was to head home because that’s where I felt safe. But I realized that the idea of home doesn’t really exist for me anymore, because you were my home.

Mel [to Mark]