Charmaine: What do you want?
Calvin: You know what I want. I want to be a father to my boys.

Denny, I- I think I'm pregnant.


Vernon, I know I don't say this kind of thing often enough, but your life is my life. Your heart is my heart. Your crappy old eyes are my crappy old eyes. For 30 years, you have stood by my side; no matter what happens, I will always stand by yours.


Muriel: I haven't been as lucky in love as some.
Doc: Muriel.
Muriel: And I know that Cameron is still working to earn your trust, but you can trust me that this is more than just a flirtation.
Doc: Muriel, I do not care what you and Cameron do in your private lives, but we are here for our patients only. Do you suppose both of you can conduct yourself in a professional manner while you're at work?
Muriel: Yes, we do.
Doc: Just watch out for yourself.

As long as we're together, we are home.


I have always thought that if I didn't carry my own child, I would be missing out on something. But the more Jack and I have been talking about it, the more I realized being a parent is so much more than how you got there. So if you decide you want to be a mom someday, you'll find a way.


Mike: There's something that I need you to know. Brady is the real hero. It was his idea to go undercover to help take Melissa down. He risked his life. He did it all for you. So, if that changes anything...
Brie: It doesn't. I want to see where this goes.
Mike: Yeah?
Brie: Yeah.

Brie: Brady, I will love you forever, but I need you to know that things have changed for me.
Brady: Yeah, I get it.

Joey: You're not going to believe this, but I found this whole stack of letters and postcards and letters to Mom from Virgin River.
Mel: What? Mom knew someone in Virgin River?
Joey: Apparently, quite well. Mel, I've been reading this all morning, and they're love letters.
Mel: What?
Joey: They were having an affair in Virgin River. And I think this guy might be your father.

It doesn't matter who she works with, only who she comes home too.


Brady: When I was growing up, I used to lie to keep my sisters safe and myself. I guess I made a habit of it.
Lark: There's nothing wrong with protecting the people you love.
Brady: Yeah, my ex didn't see it that way, though.
Lark: Maybe you should be with someone who can appreciate you for being who you are.

If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, say it behind their back.


Virgin River Quotes

Doc: I don’t need spice. I want to walk down the street and be able to hold your hand.
Hope: Yeah, I hate all that “coupley” crap.

Whenever things got rough my instinct was to head home because that’s where I felt safe. But I realized that the idea of home doesn’t really exist for me anymore, because you were my home.

Mel [to Mark]