Lizzie: You’re Romeo and I’m Juliet. We’ll be two star-crossed lovers carrying on a secret love affair. It’ll be so hot
Ricky: You know that Romeo and Juliet die in the end right?

Jack: How are you feeling?
Mel: Happy and safe.
Jack: Exactly how I want you to feel.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. ‘Course, it’s all small stuff.


I know about you and Michelle. So, give her a message for me, will you? Tell her I’m coming for her. And one way or another, she’s gonna pay for what she did to my brother.


Look, if the situation were reversed, Jack wouldn’t hesitate to help you. Even after everything that you’ve done. Even after the way you’ve treated him. Jack would protect you no matter what, and he’s proven that over and over. Now he needs your help.


Charmaine: You don’t wanna be together. I get it. But I want a husband.
Jack: And I want you to have that.
Charmaine: Well, the man I eventually marry will be the twins’ father, and we’ll just have to see where you fit in.

Jack: Char, you deserve more.
Charmaine: I don’t want more. I want you.
Jack: I’m sorry.

Charmaine: You’re making me look crazy and I’m not.
Jack: I never said you were.
Charmaine: Well, what am I supposed to think Jack? I mean, I’m having your babies, and you gave me a freaking puppy.

Don’t let Connie make you feel bad. Her heart’s in the right place, it’s just her mouth that’s misguided.


I love Connie, but, uh, she’s always been a little self-righteous when it comes to other people’s business.


I know I’ve been a little gruff lately, but I’m gonna try to be in a better mood from now on.


You know, you can tell how a person feels about someone by the sacrifices they’re willing to make. I know you loved her. And I hope for your sake, she comes back one day.


Virgin River Quotes

I think it’s wrong to assume that if you felt you were ready to part with it that that would somehow mean that you’re over him. Grief never comes straight at you. It’s circular, right? It just hits you when you least expect it.


In my experience, when you let something simmer too long, eventually it’ll boil over and extinguish your pilot light.