What? I'm not laughing at you I'm laughing with the horse.


Listen, if you ever mistreat a horse again I'll send you to a glue factory. Tell all your friends.


Claudia: Are you ok?
Pete: I got dirt in places where dirt should never be.

Pepper, so good in burritos so bad in the eyes.


Pete: Holy ganja Batman.
Claudia: Ah, the blue glow was for the grow lights.

[talking to herself] Go with Pete they say, you'll love it, sunshine and fresh air. [Slaps a bug on her neck] Why am I so delicious to you?


Pete: Special Agent Pete Lattimer, Secret Service.
Ranger Smith: Secret Service, no? That is very cool. I'm a Ranger Abbott Smith.
Pete: Hey hey Mr. Ranger Sir [Yogi Bear impersonation] I'm sorry, you must get that all the time. Hey hey Boo Boo [Yogi Bear impersonation].
Ranger Smith: Nah, can't say that I do.
Pete: No? The cartoon?

Pete: An ATV!! Ah man, I love ATVs! Hey Myks to you think the warehouse can get one decked out?
Myka: No.

Pete: One time an artifact made me think I slept with Myka.
Myka: Pete!
Pete: Exactly.

Go on use my ring. I won't have the entire world upstage my big death scene.

Professor Sutton

Myka: You saved me.
Professor Sutton: Well as I said, beautiful women are my fatal flaw.

Myka: So you're like 300 years old?
Professor Sutton: 514 actually, I moisturize