No glove, no love man!


Steve: You might consider buying one of your own.
Claudia: As soon as I can get Artie to stop paying me in bright orange, 500 dollar bills.

Artie: What do dogs do when a car zooms off?
Claudia: They chase them.
Artie: Yes, and what do cars have on their back bumpers?
Claudia: License plates! So maybe the dog has the license plate and can tell us - and that's where all of this falls apart!

Myka: Pete, what are you doing?
Pete: Well, I'm thinking like Myka. Yeah, I mean when something doesn't make sense Myka tries to make sense of it, but not right because she's too emotional which is where Pete usually is, emotional.

Google-schmoogle, I'll still with paper.


Artie: Claudia, you're going to write down the license plate numbers.
Claudia: As you bark 'em out.

"You know Claud, I think sometime you should bring your gitbox down here and rock out the locals.


Pete: You play at the B&B all the time.
Claudia: Where no one can here me. Especially you, quit eavesdropping on me.

All right, Gibson is it? Who are you? Why are we here? And why is Fargo jacked into the matrix?


What, I saw it all on Mythbusters?


Steve: I could tell you were lying.
Artie: Yeah, that never gets old.

So, what, the tea set made her trip bunnies?


Warehouse 13 Season 3 Quotes

You know, it feels a little like my old dog just got sent to the farm and you guys are already shoving a new puppy down my throat.


Claudia: Hey Pete, that girl is really grateful to you.
Pete: Uh Huh
Claudia: And cold really, really cold. We could see how cold she was.
Pete: I gave her my jacket.