Steve: You are a bully.
Nick: Are you serious?

Irene: Stevie.
Steve: Yes?
Irene: You can’t be jealous of your own club.
Steve: I’m not jealous.
Irene: The better he does, the better we do.

Nick: What an asshole!
Bradford: Was that Steve?

It’s your creation on national television.

Irene [to Steve]

Nick: This is real. A real plan. And I genuinely think I can get Steve on board.
Denise: Okay, well, I have an alternative plan. Why don't you come back here and do your fucking job, so I don't have to.

Ray: I just hope he's okay.
Steve: I don't. The man has abandoned us. No warning, no notice, no indication of when or if he's coming back. I could kill him.
Denise: Not if I beat you to it, Steve.

Steve: Otis, what is the matter?
Otis: You really don't know? The calendar, Steve.
Steve: They love it.
Otis: Yeah. I don't know, I guess I just find it a bit odd that your most popular dancer, I'm the only one left out.
Steve: I know.
Otis: Yeah, why?
Steve: I should have told you that was my fault. I thought about it. I really wanted to put you in it because I love the pictures. But ultimately, I felt it would be bad for sales.
Otis: Bad for sales, how?
Steve: Well, it's one thing for women to enjoy you in the privacy of the club. But hanging in their home. A naked black man in full view of their husbands. You know how white people are. They get threatened. At the office. The boss gets it -
Otis: I think people can handle a shirtless black man.

Steve: I can’t. I just, I can’t.
Bradford: Well, then you’re a fucking idiot. Because on top of being right, I’m also rich. Very rich.

So, basically, the way I see it, you've got two choices. You and me stick together and take the big apple by storm. Or you and me go to war. I take my talent, my vision, not to mention half the dancers in this club, and I become your biggest competitor. And worsts nightmare. It will be ugly, Steve. Blood will spill. Everything you've worked so hard to build will be in jeopardy. Existential fucking peril, man. Those are your choices. I know which one I prefer. But I'm more than willing to take the other.

Nick [to Steve]

Steve: You can't take this stuff personally, Otis.
Otis: I know, I know. It's just business.

Irene: Oh, I tried cocaine.
Steve: What?
Irene: Have you tried it?
Steve: No, I’ve never done cocaine!
Irene: It’s fun. I really recommend it.

Irene: Is he gay?
Denise: Sometimes.

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Steve [to Paul]. The backgammon. It's not working.

Paul: Guy wants to give me a fourth of his club right here on the street.
Steve: Please?