Lee: Arthur, you have an uncanny ability to stop by whenever my wife is out.
Arthur: Actually, I just saw her leave, and I intend to be gone before she returns. I don't want to create any kind of trouble between you two.
Lee: Alright.
Arthur: While I am in town as an investor in the coal mine, I'm also here as an employee of the Hearst Newspaper chain, with an interest in The Valley Voice.
Lee: Well, then I really do think that we should wait for Rosemary.
Arthur: There's mild enthusiasm for some of your paper's features, the word puzzle, perhaps even the etiquette column. But it's you we're after.

Henry, I can't condone what you've done, but thank you -- from all of us.


Elizabeth: You really enjoyed yourself, didn't you? You're in much better humor than before you left.
Lucas: I think we should ride up there sometime. The view is almost as spectacular as from the air balloon. I think you'll enjoy it.
Elizabeth: I think so, too. Let's do it.

Lucas: I apologize if I led you to believe I was going to give you a ring.
Elizabeth: These are beautiful.
Lucas: After your extravagant gift, I felt mine sort of paled in comparison. I was worried it would disappoint you. Saying that out loud, I feel silly.
Elizabeth: We know each other better than this.
Lucas: I love you.
Elizabeth: I love you.

Arthur: You and I got off on the wrong foot, and I wonder, could we have dinner, start over?
Fiona: Since we're working together, I think that would be time well spent. However, I am an employee. I'm not your equal, so I would hope to be treated with some respect and appreciation considering what I do.
Arthur: I never meant to offend you, Miss Miller. I apologize.

Jerome: Henry, I'd like to discuss Miss Miller. We both know she's not up for running the oil company. Not yet.
Henry: She is bright and capable.
Jerome: Perhaps, but until I'm convinced, I'd like to bring in someone else.

Elizabeth: So, how are you feeling?
Rosemary: Well, I no longer feel nauseous.
Elizabeth: That might mean you're progressing!
Rosemary: Or that I was never pregnant.

Faith: How do you sleep?
Nathan: Lying down.
Faith: Is that another one of your corny jokes?
Nathan: Well, not if it's not funny.

Oh, isn't today simply splendatious?


Lucas: I'm used to exploring big cities. Paris, Madrid. Maybe it was just needing to be away from everything going on here, or maybe I simply hadn't considered all of my possibilities. I found myself imagining what it might be like to live someplace remote like that.
Elizabeth: And leave Hope Valley?
Lucas: No, that's not what I mean.
Elizabeth: Oh.
Lucas: Hey, as long as we're together. [kisses her hand]

Elizabeth: Rosemary, how can I help?
Rosemary: Oh, Elizabeth. You know how long I hoped for a child, and when it became clear that that was never going to happen, my heart changed. It had to. Lee and I grew to accept and, hmm, or even appreciate the life that we had.

Lee: You're a good man, Joseph Canfield.
Joseph: You're a good friend.

When Calls the Heart Quotes

Life is a journey, defined not by the destination but by the company that we keep.


Elizabeth: I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that Lucas let me go. He just knows me so well. He could sense there was something happening with Nathan.
Rosemary: People come into our lives, some for a reason, others for a season, and some for a lifetime. Jack was a season, and it was glorious. Now it's up to you to decide who might be here for a reason or perhaps even a lifetime. And once you've settled that in your heart, you'll be able to throw yourself into that person's arms with all of your being.