Mozzie: I am a gem expert...
Neal: I was trying to help you keep your distance from the FBI.
Mozzie: By conversing with my archrival?
Neal: Everyone is you archrival.

I don't want to talk about my dad. Do your crossword.

Neal [to Peter]

They didn't cover the runway walk at Quantico, but I think I can handle it Mr. Stachmo.

Diana [to Peter]

Suit, your supplies are much appreciated.

Mozzie [to Peter]

No pigeons were harmed in the making of this Ruby.

Neal [to Clinton Jones]

James Bond - shaken, not stirred.


Often the things we try to hide are most obvious to the people around us.

Vincent Adler [to Neal]

What kind of wife doesn't support her husband? I'm in, Junior.

Sara [to Neal]

Death bed epiphanies aren't your style, buddy.

Neal [to Mozzie]

Mozzie: It's worse, I'm in the system.
Neal: Not quite.
Mozzie: Ivan Bliminse? The invisible man? That's appropriate.

Neal: Do you know how much the FBI could benefit from me being able to fight?
Peter: I think New York is safer if Neal Caffrey is lacking in at least one skill set.

Peter: Did you kill her?
Fowler: No.
Peter: You're gonna tell me who did.

White Collar Season 2 Quotes

Peter: Talk some sense into him.
Mozzie: We'll take that under advisement, Suit.

Diana: Where are you going?
Peter: To see an old friend.