You belong to me, Betty.


It's no wonder that the killer chose you. You're just as hungry for fame and recognition as he is.


Maybe he just wants us to join his book club?


Kent: It's kinda like a jigsaw puzzle. You have to find the two matching pieces that fit together perfectly to complete the picture. It can be hard to find, but that missing piece is always out there.
Mary: That girl I met, is she you missing piece?
Kent: Yeah, she is. She just isn't sure I'm hers yet. Sometimes you gotta fight for your happy ending. I'm gonna help her see how well we fit together.

He just kinda makes it look enticing.


Kent: Come with me, let me show you.
Betty: Show me what?
Kent: All of it. All of me. And if you don't like it after all you've seen, I'll disappear.

Detective Roth, sorry to have missed you. From your secret admirer and Mallory K.

Kent's Note

Roth: MTV, the station that only plays music videos.
Contreras: No one's gonna watch that.

Kent: What are you feeling right now?
Betty: Terrified.
Kent: It's not fear bottling up inside you. It's adrenaline. Admit it. You feel more alive than you have in your entire life.

Don't say a word. Don't even breathe.


At least I care about Karen. You guys are just using her for bait.


Nothing goes with chocolate chip pancakes like anal contusions.

Allison Roth

Wicked City Quotes

First, do no harm.

Betty Beaumontaine

Become the very thing you want to be loved for.

Kent Grainger