Karen: Gosh, I haven't rooted this hard for a gay couple to get together on TV since Frasier and Niles.
Will: They were brothers.
Karen: I know.

Will: This is the most invasive, morally bankrupt thing…geez Louise, those guys are hot.
Karen: Yeah, well, they wouldn't be on TV if they weren't. It's not the BBC.

Jack: Now, I'm going to show you how to get over a guy the gay way.
Grace: Does it involve cardio?
Jack: Kind of. Mother always said the best way to get over one guy is to get under, behind, and sideways with another one.

It's a never ending buffet of men out there. What if I pick the stale cookie right as they bring out the cheesecake?


Trust me, Drew, no good has ever come of a man coming out to his wife. Don't you want to be vice president one day?


Remember to smile, but not like the clown from It.

You are so cute, and I love that you still have that new gay smell.


Isn't one month traditionally when the gay husband comes out to his wife? I believe the gift for that is a suitcase.

Will: Are you still seeing that married cop from Staten Island, or as Grace and I like to call him when you’re not around, your Staten Island Fairy?
Jack: I'm using that and not crediting you.

Vince: Did you see the two gay guys cake topper?
Will: Yeah.
Vince: We had to buy two straight couples and break them apart. So if you know any lesbians getting married, tell them we have a cake topper.

Will: It's two minutes of his time. What could possibly go wrong in two minutes?
Grace: Ask every girl who ever got pregnant at her prom.

I know something's wrong because you're over plucking your eyebrows. You look like an extra on Orange Is the New Black.

Grace [to Wil]

Will & Grace Quotes

I'm sorry, I guess some people age like an anchorman and others like a meth head mother of nine.


Really, Grace? Peek a boo sleeves. Aren’t you begging someone to just peek and then boo?

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