I know this is extreme, but we are not dealing with a normal person. She is not like us, she is a total whack-a-doo. Alright, here is a key to her apartment. I secretly made a copy 15 years ago and I keep it on me at all times in case Will ever goes missing and I need to search for his body. Remember, whack-a-doo.

Val: You mean you'd really go to lunch with me?
Karen: Well, sure. I mean you're nuttier than a tree full of squirrels but we do have the same blood type and that could come in handy.

Grace: I know what it is. There are people who throw themselves in front of expensive cars trying to get money out of rich people.
Jack: I heard the same thing on FOX news so you know it's a true fact.

Larry: I'm in love with Will and I want to shout it from a mountain top.
Grace: Or bury it deep inside you and just cry in the shower like a normal person.

Despite that his only office skills are crying and scrapping booking, it's nice having Larry here.

Jack: You sure we can't take you to the hospital? It's the least we can do.
Karen: Actually, not running her over would have been the least we could do.

Jack: That songs been stuck in my head for days.
Will: Well, sing something different.
Jack: You don't think I didn't think of that! That thing swats away other songs like Lindsay Lohan swats away second chances.

Will: We could still go out. It's early.
Grace: Oh no, once I've taken my bra off it's all over. No way I'm strapping that thing back on again.

Jack: This says pepperoni pizza but there's no pepperoni on it, just crop circles with cheese.
Grace: It came that way!

Will: I'm done complaining that things used to be better. They weren't. I know they're not great now but we do have a lot to be thankful for.
Grace: We should have faith that it will get better.
Jack: The arc of history is long but it always bends towards justice.
Will: I'm guessing you dated a guy named Justice?
Jack: And we called my penis the arc of history.

Grace (as Fanny): What do you think's going on? It sounds like they're praying.
Karen (as Caroline): Aye. I bet someone's on his knees.

Look, I know it's tough being an immigrant. Irish, Italian, Jews, no picnic being women either, but this country is built on letting more people enjoy its great freedoms, not keeping people down. It may take longer than it should but we always get it right, eventually.

Grace (as Fanny)

Will & Grace Quotes

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I'm sorry, I guess some people age like an anchorman and others like a meth head mother of nine.