It was the 80s. Single women couldn’t adopt babies on their own back then. Losing you broke her heart, so she gave you the only thing she could – your name.


Will: This is the first picture I’ve seen of my mother.
Amanda: She was great, Will, really special.
Will: No, we’re not doing that now. You’ve had over 15 years to tell me who my mother was.

You’re not listening! He won’t stop until he wants to!

Kitty Treadwell

I’m so sorry, baby. I know it’s been hard. But if anyone can do it, it’s you.


I’m right behind you, trash can.

The Killer

He’s got Angie. If he stays on schedule, we have less than 42 hours. Let’s get to work.

Women’s intuition isn’t going to find this guy. We will.


You’re going to kill this guy, right?


Evelyn: To dead pimps!
Amanda: The best kind.

Evelyn, I need you. He’s back.


I think someone is targeting people from the children’s home.

History repeats itself. It was my fault then, and it’s my fault then.