Joe: Where's Candace? What happened?
Love: I took care of it. 

I'm done with excuses. I'm done blaming everyone else for the things I've done. I once told Beck I learned a lesson when Mooney locked me in. Hide a spare key so you can get out of the goddamned cage. But it's time I take responsibility. Accept the punishment for my crime. That a cage is where I belong.

Joe Voiceover

Is this how I was always designed to end? Alone, unloved waiting for the police to arrive? Could things have gone any differently? If I walked into a different bookstore, one not run by a Soviet prison guard or maybe if I'd had different parents?

Joe Voiceover

Love: Tell her. Tell her you didn't do this.
Joe: I did. She's right. Everything she said about what I did is true. I'm sorry, you're not crazy. I tried to kill her. I blamed it all on her. But that was a lie like so many others. I thought I was doing it for the best reasons for love. But Love, it wasn't. It was never really love. I never knew love until I met you. I would do anything for you. I just want to be good enough for you. I told myself that I could be different, that I could do it another way but if that was true, Delilah wouldn't be dead. I couldn't face the truth because I didn't want to lose you. I did this. She figured out I killed Henderson, and I killed her.

If I killed this woman, then I deserve this. I thought I only ever acted from a place of love. To protect. But what kind of man would do this? Has Candace been right all along? Have I been fooling myself? Have I just been refusing to face who I really am? What am I?

Joe Voiceover

Candace: Oh God! What is if about Joe fucking Goldberg? Why is it that no one can see him for what he is?
Forty: Careful, you're talking about my family.
Candace: Huh. Don't come crying to me when he kills your sister!

Ellie: She was pulling away from me. I could tell. Everybody wants to get away from me. Why? What's wrong with me?
Joe: Ellie, there's nothing wrong with you. Nothing. It's not you.
Joe Voiceover: It's me.
Joe: Don't ever think that.
Joe Voiceover: I know what you see, Love. A good man. But I have my doubts.

Joe: It's just me. It's OK.
Ellie: It's not going to be OK. It's always going to be a mess.
Joe: What? What's gonna be a mess.
Ellie:My life! My whole fucking life!

Oh man, but why can't I remember it? Am I just clenching my eyes shut to some truth I don't want to face?

Joe Voiceover

Take this, give it to Delilah, and when you fuck her, you think of me.


Dottie: My husband and I appreciate the burden our son's put on you. We also want you to know we're here to ease your burdens however great they may be. Your secrets are safe with us, Will.
Joe Voiceover: Never has a threat worn such a luxuriant veil, and just what is it do your parents think they know about me? What the hell did I tell Forty last night?

I don't think I did this to you. I'm going to find out who did to prove it.


YOU Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

At the end of the day, only you know who you really are.


I have to know who killed Delilah. Even if it was me.

Joe Voiceover