Chris: She all bark, no bite.
Big Mo: Nah. That bitch got bite.

DA: So, your strategy is to blackmail the D.A.'s office in exchange for a reduced sentence for your client?
Lee: Yep.
D.A: You could be disbarred for that, Lee.
Lee: I've got another secret for you. I don't want to be a lawyer anymore.

Being in prison as a former judge is no picnic, but it's nothing like being a former cop. The things you did to people like KJ, well, let's just say it's gonna be... It's not gonna be good to be you.


Jimmy: Carlo. You've been trying to prove yourself for a while now. You're strong, decisive. That can be very valuable. We need someone right now with fortitude. Someone we can trust with our lives. Can you be that for us now?
Carlo [chuckles]: Yes. Yes, I can.

Rudy: Hey, what should we do? Charlie! We are so fucked!
Charlie: Who's "we"?
Rudy: What?
Charlie: You're the one who found the dead body. You're the one who took credit for cracking a case you didn't solve. Sound like you in your car.
Rudy: Yeah.
Charlie: I suggest you keep on driving.

Fia: I'm cancelling the baptism.
Father Jay: Okay. Thank you for coming down here to relay that information. Can I make an observation?
Fia: Yeah.
Father Jay: Most people... don't come to church in the middle of the night to talk about something that could be handled over the phone.

And where do we pass through the Kingdom of Heaven?


What is wrong with this family? I'm so fucking done with all of you.


You need the Calabris' money. And through your docks, they will bring in drugs, they will bring in crime, they will bring in women and girls, human beings sold into servitude to other human beings. Through this city will pass all manner of evil because of you. You think you're better than me, you fucking son of a bitch?


You killed Kofi. You beat my brother to death for no fucking reason. Then your daddy blew my mama's house up. Killed my whole family. What did we ever do to you, huh? And after all of this... you are trying to fucking kill me?!


So, your miraculous escape not so miraculous after all. And then Little Mo hides you out in Houston with my sister, of all people. Take brains to outsmart damn near a whole city looking for you. But you coming back now... Now, that take balls.

Big Mo

Fia: So, how would you do it?
Carlo: Popsicle. You sharpen one... a grape one... Make a fine point, jab her in the neck. Evidence melts away. Perfect murder.
Fia: You've thought about this before, maybe?
Carlo: Once or twice, yeah.

Your Honor Quotes

Fia: Why did this happen?
Jimmy: It's a senseless act of violence.
Fia: Was it? I know violence is a part of this family. Carlo killed someone. Mom, her family... I know what people think about them. I-I've heard the stories. They can't all be lies.

Why can't you people just let me die in peace?