Michael: I am part of a federal investigation into the Baxter organization.
Charlie: That's why they let you out of prison?
Michael: Yes.
Charlie: And you just let me in on this now?
Michael: I was trying to protect you.
Charlie: From the feds who could prosecute me or the mobster who could kill me?
Michael: Both.

How dare you suggest that man be godfather of her child. That is a sacred position, and you are to treat it as such. Now eat your fucking cannoli.


Sheila: Hmm. Well, after ten years of silence, I thought we was done talking.
Big Mo: I can't find our nephew. Ain't heard from him since yesterday.
Sheila: Mm, he's with his cousin.
Big Mo: You know where?
Sheila: I told you to stay away from Trey.
Big Mo: This ain't got nothing to do with him.
Sheila: Don't play with me. Not about my son.

Gina: You're your mother's son.
Carlo: Yeah, that's probably why Dad doesn't like me.

Jimmy: What do you want with my family?
Michael: Nothing.
Jimmy: Nothing? Then why get a job delivering meat to my hotel? Hmm? Come drinking at my bar, telling Carlo about Harry the Hook, and why do I keep seeing you around my children? Now, remind me. They let you out of prison early because...?

Uh, as I understand it, Mr. Mayor, you were... godfather to Michael's son. Well, I... I would imagine that you were a fine steward of that position. Now, perhaps, you might be the perfect candidate to be Baby Rocco's godfather.


Carlo: Do you want to tell me what you’re doing with my sister?
Michael: She reached out to me.
Carlo: Yeah, she’s in a tough spot right now. She needs family, not some bum who just got out of prison.
Michael: You don’t see the irony of that statement?

Charlie: They can’t buy me, so... I’m guessing their next move is to try to scare me. Do they know anything about me that could scare me?
Michael: No.
Charlie: You’re in a dark place and I’m sorry, but... I’ve got to ask. Did you ever tell anyone anything that I should be worried about?
Michael: You’re the only friend I’ve got left. You know I would do anything to protect you.

Gia: Why does everything have to be so difficult with you?
Fia: It’s an absurd request to make of an atheist.
Gia: You are not an atheist.
Fia: With the absence of God as my witness, yes, I am.

Have I given you the impression that any of this is optional?


There were only three people who knew about my role in that. Rudy's never gonna talk, and the other two people are sitting right here. So I got nothing to worry about. Losing Adam was my penance, too.
I've paid for my sins. I loved that boy like he was my own. You can't dig graves deep enough in this city to hide them from the storms. Water will get to the bodies every time. Only sure thing about the dirt beneath our feet is that it'll wash away one day. You asked me to bury something and now... here we are. Shame on us for not knowing  our city better.


Manager: You remember me, Judge?
Michael: No.
Manager: I was in your courtroom. Drug possession. Prosecutor charged me with intent to distribute. Jury gave me 14 years. You reduced that sentence to eight months. You said, "Good people don't belong in prison." Follow me. Driver quit last week. The job's yours, if you want it.

Your Honor Quotes

Fia: Why did this happen?
Jimmy: It's a senseless act of violence.
Fia: Was it? I know violence is a part of this family. Carlo killed someone. Mom, her family... I know what people think about them. I-I've heard the stories. They can't all be lies.

Why can't you people just let me die in peace?