I get why you want to track down Jackson Oz. He and his father are the crazy bastards who started this all. But YOU can't solve all the world's problems. The Shepherd hunters will find Oz. They'll make him pay.


Dariela: With all we've been through together, ridin' the bench ain't easy.
Abraham: We're not riding the bench, we're raising a son.

Tessa: You, Dylan Green, are a wonderful, caring, compassionate man. You have saved hundred if not thousands of lives out here, and that's enough. Do you believe me?
Jackson: Yeah.
Tessa: You're a terrible liar, Dylan.

Clementine: How you feelin'?
Mitch: Like I shot my daughter.

Are you really playing the we have to save the world card again?


Dr. Morgan, I'm afraid this is going to come as a shock to you, but there's somebody here who has been waiting to talk to you.


My father is alive, and he needs you, Jamie. I need you, too.


Jackson: My father always said one day said that the animals would reclaim the planet. He made sure that his TX gas formula would help them do that.
Jamie: Yeah, by eliminating us.
Jackson: My father just ended the world.

My real name is Edward Robert Collins, but I always wanted to be Logan, because of Wolverine.


I don't want to see him. I mean it. He said he would save the animals, and he didn't.


He knew. When he told us to leave the lab, he knew the hybrids were there.


I'm trying to get this fence working, but I've got a pack of wolfish things outside the door, and it's not looking too good for me.


Zoo Quotes

They were raised in cages. In a way, they're kind of the victims here.


All men are unknowable. With animals, you know where you stand.