Six years breaking you down, taking everything away from you, recreating you and setting you free to watch your life crumble around you once and for all. It all went beautifully. Nothing would have been more satisfying than to see you kill your husband's new wife and show the world the truth about Emily Byrne. Sadly I watched as you did nothing. Shen would have been so surprised to learn that all of his work could have been undone by a mother's love for her child.


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Absentia Season 1 Episode 10: "Original Sin"
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Absentia Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Agent Crown: So Logan Brandt killed Shen as revenge for the experiments.
Detective Gibbs: Can't say I blame her.
Agent Crown: Then she digs into his files, finds out about the switch that leads her to Emily.
Detective Gibbs: She dedicates her life to revenge, reinvents herself as Laurie Colson, and in Harlow she finds the perfect partner. He hated Emily. A match made in heaven.

Emily: Who are you?
Person in Mask: I am you.
Emily: What do you want?
Person in Mask: I want to show you what you are. Do you remember the first life you destroyed? You were just a child, but it came so naturally to you.